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            Government - All-in-one IT solutions comprehensive services & support for government customers

            As the first listed software company in China, we provide IT solutions for a number of government customers.

            Our government customers include the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China, Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China, Ministry of Land and Resources of the People's Republic of China, Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China, National Development and Reform Commission, State Administration for Industry & Commerce, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, State Administration of Taxation, State Oceanic Administration, State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China and Ministry of Water Resources of the People's Republic of China.

            Services Covered

            • Social Security
            • Environmental Protection
            • Agriculture
            • Finance/Taxation
            • Land and resources
            • Ocean
            • Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
            • E-Government
            • Industry and commerce

            Social Security

            We provide all-in-one IT solutions and comprehensive services & support for labor and social security businesses involving more than 120 million people in China.
            We currently have 230 plus organizational customers across 13 provinces, 18 large cities, 170 two-tier cities and 23 industries in China and covering more than 400 million people.

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            As China's first listed software company and with our powerful advantages, we won the bid for the Golden Finance Project (Government Finance Management Information System). We have been committed to optimizing core business and service solutions for the finance industry and have become a relaiable partner of the industry in the field of informationization construction.

            Based on the features of tax operations, we have developed a taxation core application platform that covers collection & management, checking, auditing, personnel management, law enforcement supervision & performance appraisal, electronic tax filing, personal income tax withholding & payment, quota evaluation, tax payment assessment and electronic checkout systems. At present, this platform has been applied in 12 provinces including Guangdong and Shandong.

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            Land and resources

            Neusoft has developed a land & resources core business system and an e-government platform for the Ministry of Land and Resources to ensure high integration, easy sharing and effective management of natural resources (such as land and mines) and achieve reasonable use and effective protection of the resources. This system has been widely used by the Ministry of Land and Resources and State Oceanic Administration across 7-8 provinces and cities in China.

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            We provide an integrated management information system and information resource database system for the Digital Ocean Platform established by the National Marine Data & Information Service (NMDIS). These systems can help realize real-time sharing of all types of information and data about oceans, thus significantly promoting the construction of Digital Oceans Platform.

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            Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine

            We have developed basic platform for quality inspection industries to carry out inspections related to food, drug, special equipment and export and import goods. This platform can promote the enforcement of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, strengthen market supervision and advance quick response to quality safety monitoring.

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            Industry and Commerce

            Neusoft provides industry and commerce comprehensive business system solution and data center solution for the Golden Credit Project implemented by China's national, provincial and municipal Administration Bureau of Industry and Commerce based on general technology proposal and data specification of the project aiming to help them improve their supervision capability and service quality and create a fair, just, competitive and regulated market and economy environment.

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            E-Government Affairs

            Our administrative examination and approval & electronic supervision platform and Office Automation System can help the government departments perform and provide high-efficiency, transparent and standardized public management and services.

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            Environmental Protection

            Through years of efforts in environmental information, we have successfully developed a digital environmental protection solution covering vehicle emission monitoring and management, solid waste supervision, environmental emergency management and environmental data center. By effectively improving the environmental monitoring, supervision, emergency and warning of China's environmental protection authorities, the solution can promote the information of energy conservation and emission reduction, economic optimization and ecological development.

            Our clients include the Ministry of Environmental Protection (Sino-Japan Friendship Center for Environmental Protection, and the Environmental Emergency and Investigation Center and Satellite Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection), Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Environmental Protection Department of Jiangsu Province and Department of Environmental Protection of Liaoning Province.

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            In accordance with the Golden Agriculture Project of the Ministry of Agriculture, we have built a subsystem for agricultural science and technology information service ("The science and technology system"). As one of three focuses in the Golden Agriculture Project, the science and technology system is used to process data and provide service for agricultural science and technology information. By means of standardizing data through data source, description and management, it can complete the horizontal integration (the Ministry of Agriculture, the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the National Agro-Technology Extension Center) and vertical integration (ministerial and provincial technology platforms) of data. The system can solve the problems existing in science and technology information and service by standardizing service targets, channels, modes and contents.

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