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            Telecom - Neusoft new-generation telecom business support system enables smooth operation of the telecom industry

            We at Neusoft have developed a three tier, new-generation support system, namely Business Support System (BSS), Management Support System (MSS) and Operation Support System (OSS) for the telecom industry.

            To meet the ever-changing demands for telecom business support and management in the 3G and post-3G era, we have developed a series of solutions and systems. These include, among others, intelligent mobile device management, partner relationship management, an integrated value-added service management platform and an online charging system. As of date, our telecom products and solutions have been used by local branches of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom in over 20 provinces across China.

            Specifically targeting mobile data services, we provide telecom carriers with a number of different mobile data platforms for value-added services based on 2.5G and 3G technologies. These include Short Message Internet Access Solution (SMIAS), Message Communication Payment Platform (MCPP), Location Based Mobile Platform (LBMP), Multi-Province Industry Application Gateway (MPIAG), Mobile E-business Platform (MicroPay) as well as a Data Center for Short-Message Service (DCS).

            In addition to a strategic alliance with China Mobile, including its Headquarters and 12 provincial branches around China, we have also established long-term partnerships with many globally leading telecommunication equipment manufacturers.

            • We provide mobile data value-added service platforms for 2G, 2.5G and 3G operators worldwide, as well as mobile application solutions for governments and various industries such as education, electric power, manufacturing, etc.

              Short Message Internet Access Solution (SMIAS)

              This system has been approved by China Mobile and applied by many of its provincial branches in China. The aggregated installed capacity occupies 1/3rd of the short message gateway market. This system processes more than 10 million short messages every day in each of the provinces where it is operational.

              Message Communication Payment Platform (MCPP)

              MCPP provides a secure and convenient way for easy short message communication among mobile users served by different operators. In addition, this system also provides management tools for easy management and maintenance. These tools enable administrators to complete all the tasks, right from system start-up to shutdown.

              Multi-Province Industry Application Gateway (MPIAG)

              Neusoft's MPIAG is an excellent industry application gateway system based on standard Monternet gateway and SM-Eagle (Monternet's business management system). It includes the following three independent subsystems with different functionalities:

              Short message service access (SMS-A)
              Multimedia message service access (MMS-A)
              Industry Application Gateway Management (IAGW-M)

              Mobile Solution Industry Applications

              We, at Neusoft, have also developed some other application systems based on the above mobile data value-added business platforms.

              Small Enterprise Mobile Application Platform (SMAP)

              SMAP is an application system built on ADC platform.

              It integrates applications as varied as short messages, multimedia messages, mails, instant communication, Internet faxing, meeting management, industry application (for trade, children's education, insurance and property management), push mail, organization management, directory management, statistics & enquiry and agenda management. It provides small and medium-sized enterprises with mobile office systems based on mobile network and implemented by mobile short message value-added services through WEB/WAP.

              Digital Community

              In 2010, we developed and built a project named 'Digital Community for People'. Focusing on people's livelihood, this project, based on management and service, effectively organizes the process of community work with computer and wireless communication technology. It also combines livelihood hotline system through train system for civil service and pocket office system for community to build a platform that can provide livelihood service covering public opinion collection, public affairs processing, public conditions tracking, emergency positioning, etc. 'Digital Community for People' is one of the first successes in China's digital community building.

              Case Study

              Zhejiang Mobile SME Mobile Application Platform
              Zhejiang Mobile Hangzhou Branch's Information Project of Digital Community for People
              Liaoning Mobile Location-based Service Platform and Business System
              Zhejiang Mobile SMS Gateway System Construction Project
            • Neusoft provides complete business operation systems for the telecom industry

              Telecom Business Support System (BSS)

              New-generation BSS: Customer Relationship Management System
              New-generation BSS: Charging & Accounting System
              New-generation BSS: Business Intelligence System
              New-generation BSS: Partner Relationship Management System
              Neusoft Self-service Management System
              Neusoft Terminal Self-registration Platform
              Neusoft value-added service (VAS) ordering & relationship management system
              Neusoft positioning management platform
              Neusoft mobile application supporting system
              Neusoft VAS operation supporting system
              Neusoft account balance management system
              Neusoft operation analysis system
              Neusoft information navigation business platform
              Neusoft multimedia call center platform

              Telecom Operation Support System (OSS)

              ITNMS Monitoring & Management System
              ITAM Assets & Resources Management System

              Radio & TV Business Support System

              Telecom BOSS System
              Neusoft Cable DTV Turnkey System

              With an eye on the telecom business support and management requirements in the 3G and post-3G era, Neusoft has launched solutions and systems covering smart mobile device management, partner management, VAS integrated management platform and online billing system.

              Besides, we also provide business support systems for the media industry.


              Telecom operators
              China Unicom
              China Mobile
              China Telecom
              China Tietong
              Radio, Film & TV

              Case Study

              Telemarketing System for CPPIC
              Intelligent Monitoring & Control System for Electric Power Grid in Hebei Province
              New-generation BSS system for China Unicom (Hebei, Sichuan, Shanxi and Jiangxi)
              Smart business intelligence system for China Unicom (Heilongjiang, Hunan and Jiangxi)
              CTG-MBOSS system for China Telecom (Liaoning and Hebei)
              National liquidation system for China Unicom
              Terminal management system for China Unicom
              Project management system for China Unicom
              Media business support system for China Unicom
              IT monitoring & management system for the State Administration of Radio Film and Television
              IT monitoring & management system for the State Center of Network and Information Security
              Haier After-sales Service Call Center
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