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            Network Security Appliances

            Network Security Appliances - 15 Years of Technology Innovation The Information Security Expert That You Can Trust

            Focusing on market demands and customer needs, Neusoft NetEye has a strong product lineup covering perimeter protection, VPN, intrusion prevention, security management, traffic management, security audit and security risk assessment. For SMBs and large Internet data centers, Neusoft delivers high-quality security offerings including products, services and solutions that are customized in line with customer requirements.

            Relying on its competent resources, Neusoft provides customers with easy access to efficient information security services and solutions that cover business operations, implementation, and support. Neusoft’s professional information security services include risk assessment, classified security protection, penetration testing, security enhancement, emergency response, on-site monitoring, certification & training and early warning systems. Solution offerings are mainly provided to large-sized industry customers to address the overall security needs of their application systems. Product services cover customized development, testing, leasing, installation, maintenance, upgrading/updating, technical training, inspection and follow-up visits.

            Neusoft NetEye has been one of the market leaders of the software industry in China since 2001. According to the 2010-2011 China Network Security Products Market Analysis Report published by CCID Consulting, Neusoft NetEye has been the leader of the firewall market in Mainland China for 10 straight years. It is also listed as one of the top three market leaders in the IDS/IPS fields in addition to its second ranking in the SOC market. In terms of market acceptance and competitiveness, Neusoft NetEye has again been recognized as the most competitive network security brand in China with a high score of 87.3.

            • NetEye NISG

              NetEye NISG (Integrated Security Gateway), built upon an advanced architecture bundled with innovative flow-based filtering technology, is a state-of-the-art network security product integrating a number of advanced security technologies. NISG can effectively address the latest threats and conventional problems caused by stacking products, helping improve the overall security protection under a stable network. It uses a series of cutting-edge technologies such as virtualization, cloud detection and patented NEL description language, thus delivering efficient filtering and accurate detection in a secured and effective manner.

              NetEye NISG-NG

              NetEye NISG-Next Generation (NG) is an integrated line-speed network security processing platform offering standard network-based functionalities such as network address translation (NAT), packet filtering and stateful packet detection, as well as significant features such as application identification, control and visualization. With a multi-core parallel processing architecture and high bandwidth capacity, the platform not only offers support to applications, but also solves the issues that users may encounter in application management and content transparency/visualization. Designed for application identification and transparent application management, it enables precise identification of users, applications and contents. At present, NetEye NISG-NGis able to identify more than 2,500 applications such as QQ, web games, online stock trading and web chats.

              NetEye Firewall

              Using Neusoft’s original flow-based filtering technology, NetEye Firewall allows for rapid upgrade of application-level plug-ins and quick response to continuous security threats in addition to high-performance filtering from data links to applications, thereby providing dynamic protection for networks. With the help of a collaborative emergency response system, this flow-based filtering technology not only gives users high performance application protection, but also enables fast development of special or new applications on a customized basis to respond to security events quickly.

              NetEye FW-Rocket

              With a unique Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)/multi-core architecture, NetEye FW-Rocket is a high-performance 10G firewall. It is highly competitive in terms of concurrent connections and connection establishment. As a high-performance security gateway, NetEye FW-Rocket provides users with personalized security solutions based on their needs by integrating diverse leading-edge security technologies covering firewalling, VPN, Dos/DDoS attack defense, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, spam prevention, URL screening and application protocol identification.

              NetEye ADSG

              Deployed on cloud edges, NetEye ADSG (Application Delivery Security Gateway) is able to address the cloud-related security issues encountered by users. It delivers a comprehensive 3E security solution involving a number of advanced technologies such as firewalling, Anti-DDoS, IPS, application-specific traffic load balancing and delivery guarantee.

              NetEye SOC

              An isolated information system is relatively secure, while isolated analysis for any large-scale network is far from being effectively secure. NetEye SOC (Security Operation Center) is designed to turn various isolated data analysis resources into an intelligent relational analysis system, thereby integrating technical personnel (including maintenance staff and emergency team), operational processes (corresponding management systems and event processing workflows) and technical monitoring. Thus, NetEye SOC reflects the fast and efficient improvements in both monitoring technologies and IT operation management systems. It not only combines bug scanning, configuration changes, strategy policy baselines, ITSM service processes and classification compliance from conventional SOC, but also has a new innovative feature that monitors service application modeling, thus helping users to have an instant understanding and control of their core service systems.

              NetEye NISG-IPS

              NetEye NISG-IPS (Integrated Security Gateway - Intrusion Prevention System) is a highly effective intrusion prevention product built upon a multi-core processor architecture. It is mainly designed to tackle a wide range of security issues found in China’s information infrastructure, such as web application security, mail server security, database security and worm protection. Featuring a unique "application purification" technology, NetEye NISG-IPS performs powerful protocol-level analysis and attack prevention. It defines intrusion detection and prevention policies by protocol anomalies, vulnerability characteristics, attack signatures and statistical characteristics with a constantly updated and upgraded rule database. Furthermore, it comes with a built-in open platform of attack description language to help users or third parties develop customized rules whenever necessary. Put together, these features make NetEye NISG-IPS a widely-used security tool for protecting key application servers and networks across industries.

              NetEye IDS

              NetEye IDS (Intrusion Detection System) is a copyrighted network intrusion monitoring system developed in response to the increasing prevalence of worms and viruses, the unauthorized use of networks by internal personnel and the lack of effective protection for the long-term, healthy operation of networks. It provides a second level of security protection after the firewall, and furthers the reach of network defense by using the unique technology of data packet interception to continuously monitor the network. NetEye IDS detects internal and external intrusion attempts through advanced real-time intelligent analysis of network data flow, then sends alerts and responds to these intrusion attempts.

              NetEye NTARS

              NetEye NTARS (Network Traffic Analysis and Response System) is a hybrid bypass security product designed for network traffic detection and response. It provides statistical analysis, abnormality detection and automatic suppression response across local area networks such as carrier network, industry network, campus network, IDC data center and large/middle-size enterprise networks. NetEye NTARS can respond to and prevent network abuse from DoS/DDoS attacks, P2P communication, worms and spam on a 100G+ network traffic almost instantly upon detection. Moreover, it provides various methods of backbone network statistics analysis to help administrators keep track of the operation status of backbone links and key resources.

              NetEye Anti-DDoS NTPG (Network Traffic Purification Gateway)

              NetEye Anti-DDoS NTPG (Network Traffic Purification Gateway) is designed to identify back bone network traffic and filter abnormal network traffic. It can identify and defend against DDoS attacks from high bandwidth traffic in a real-time manner to provide priority for necessary indices of high-quality network-driven services. It thus satisfies the needs of operators, governments and enterprises for network controlling and protection. NetEye Anti-DDoS NTPG is a professional product dedicated to the prevention of DDoS attacks, especially traffic-based DDoS attacks and application-level attacks.

            • Finance

              People’s Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Huaxia Bank, CITIC Industrial Bank, Orient Securities, China Minzu Securities, United Securities, Hua’an Fund Management Co., Ltd., China Asset Management Co., Ltd., Shenzhen United Securities, People's Insurance Company of China (PICC), China Investment Corporation, Industrial Securities


              China Telecom, China Satcom, Beijing Telecom, Liaoning Telecom, Guangdong Telecom, China Mobile Fujian Branch, Zhejiang Post and Telecommunications, Changsha Telecom, Jinan Telecom, Hangzhou Telecom, Nanning Telecom, China Unicom (Liaoning, Anhui, ?Nanjing, Xinjiang, Heilongjiang)

              Electric Power

              Zhejiang Electric Power, Liaoning Electric Power, Guangxi Electric Power, Hunan Electric Power, Jilin Electric Power, Shandong Luneng, Harbin Electric Power, Jinxing Electric Power, Shaoxing Electric, Shenyang Electric Power Bureau, Wenzhou Electric Power Bureau, Baishan Power Plant, Yong’an Power Plant, Xiaoshan Power Plant, Huangtai Power Plant, Zhenhai Power Plant, Sichuan Power Plant, Shandong Power Plant, Shanxi Power Plant, Jiangxi Power Plant


              Second Clinical College of China Medical University, Second Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, Yunnan Cancer Hospital, Yunnan Medical Treatment and Healthcare Center, Shenyang No. 6 People’s Hospital, Jinan Qianfoshang Hospital, Suzhou No. 1 People’s Hospital, Zhejiang Taizhou Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Luzhou Medical College, Zhengzhou Medical Care and Insurance Center, PLA Hospital No. 105, Shijiazhuang No. 3 People’s Hospital


              Sichuan Changhong, Haier Group, Meiling Group, Chunlan Group, TCL Group, Yuejin Motor Group, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, First Automobile Works, LG Group, Kejian Group, Bubugao Group, Wuliangye Group, Jinan International Airport, Xiamen Airport, Inc., Yuntianhua Co., Ltd., Chengdu Guotai Pharmaceutical Company, Guangshen Railway, Inc., Siemens (Chengdu), Conrowa Group, SINOPEC North Petroleum Bureau, Shanxi Tobacco Company, Gansu Tobacco Company, Tianjin Tobacco Company, Liaoning Tobacco Company, Xiamen Airlines


              Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiangxi Provincial Education Department, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China (Xuzhou) University of Mining and Technology, China (Xi’an) Test Pilot Institute, Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Fujian College of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Zhejiang Water Conservancy and Hydropower College, Gansu Agricultural University, Shaanxi Normal University, Northeastern University, Hunan Provincial Education Department, Central South University


              National Development and Reform Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission, Ministry of Public Security of the PRC, General Administration of Customs of the PRC, National Science and Technology Commission, National Tourism Administration of the PRC, the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, Ministry of Environmental Protection of the PRC, Ministry of Agriculture of the PRC

            • Network Security System for aLocal Commercial Bank


              The bank is the first joint-equity commercial bank in one of China's provinces, ranked 5th in business following the four state-owned banks. Its operations cover retail banking, corporate banking, international and capital businesses.

              Customer's Challenges

              In order to improve its security protection capability and meet the requirements of hierarchical information security protection as stipulated by the state, the bank needs to deploy a 1-Gbps firewall system for its core network of accounting business and information management. One of the top priorities of the bank has been to establish an effective network access control system and enhance overall network security with a robust firewall featuring effective attack defense.


              Neusoft deployed two 3-Gbps NetEye Firewall Systems at the core of the customer's accounting business and information management networks to meet its requirements for high performance serviceable network security protection. Each firewall system, with 8 Gbps ports, is provided with an Active/Active cluster. In addition, port link aggregation technology is applied to help increase core bandwidth.


              Neusoft NetEye Firewall has effectively prevented direct access to the core server system from different local clients and prohibited internal employees from intruding into the system via any possible loopholes in the operating system, network or configuration settings. In addition, its powerful attack protection performance has effectively protected the network from potential network attacks. Armed with advanced technologies, rich functionalities and stable performance, Neusoft NetEye Firewall has again fully demonstrated its capability of addressing the requirements of network security, thus ensuring stable, reliable operations of the bank's business network.

              NetEye Firewall's wire speed performance, ability to support complex business applications, port link aggregation (Ethernet channel), A-A configuration and synchronous information display was appreciated by the customer. Impressed by the high-quality and stable performance, the customer commented that the solution has helped ensure smooth operations of its entire information system.

              Network Security System for Nantong Telecom


              Nantong Telecom is a company affiliated with China Telecom, Jiangsu Branch. Its major operations include fixed telecom network/facilities (including wireless local loop); voice, data, image and multimedia communication and information services based on fixed telecom network; international settlement of telecom businesses pursuant to China's related policies; communication/information-related system integration, technical development, technology services and information consultation; sales, design and installation of communication products (exclusive of satellite ground facilities) and design, production and distribution of advertisements.

              Neusoft's won the project with the NetEye firewall, despite competing with a large number of domestic and overseas competitors, due to its high-quality performance, powerful protection capability and rich functions.


              NetEye Firewall provides 3 Gbps throughput for the information storage system of the customer's Best Tone business system and enables multiple virtual subsystems with its virtual firewall device.

              In addition to comprehensive and robust network security protection, the virtual firewall device also helps improve flexibility in network management at reduced investment costs. In addition, NetEye Firewall supports command line operation, allowing for convenient operation with a low training cost of administrators

              HIS System for the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University


              The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University, founded in 1956, is the largest level 3 grade-A hospital. It is also a consultation treatment center for difficult diseases in Northwest China. To provide better healthcare and treatment services for patients and improve its service quality, the hospital embarked on the construction of an HIS system. This eventually helped advance healthcare information management, expand treatment capacity, reduce visiting time and provide more streamlined services for patients covered by medical insurance.


              The hospital required a high-performance and stable firewall deployed at the key routes of its business network to ensure its network security, provide smooth transmission of patient healthcare information and to protect the network from all kind of attacks.

              Neusoft NetEye with 1+ Gbps firewall throughput performs effective access control and filtering based on a set of strict policies. Its automatic intrusion detection & prevention module can accurately detect and defend against any worm to ensure network security and help the hospital provide uninterrupted online healthcare services around the clock.


              With the help of NetEye 1+ Gbps firewall's high stability, safety and performance features, the hospital maintains a safe network operation, realizes real-time transmission of data - both of itself and the Medical Insurance Center, improves service quality and generates more profits.

              Shanghai Airlines IT Solution


              Shanghai Airlines (SAL), China's first commercial airline and a member of Star Alliance (the largest airline alliance in the world), has more than 170 domestic and international passenger transport flights across more than 50 large and medium-sized cities worldwide. In 2009, SAL merged with Eastern Airlines but still operates independently. As IT systems are essential to its businesses and development, enhancing network security of its IT systems after the merger has become a priority for SAL. To this end, SAL invited several well-known network security companies for bids and finally selected Neusoft as its vendor for information security system construction and assessment.

              Customer's Challenges

              Following discussions with SAL and performing our own research and analysis on its businesses and network security, we identified that a detailed risk evaluation of SAL's information and network system was a matter of key importance. The specific fields identified were SAL's ecommerce business, call center, operation preparation, and HR, recruitment and freight systems. The risk evaluation was necessary in order to get a full understanding of the network security status and potential risks. Based on the assessments, SAL needed to be assisted to set up new network security mechanisms/management standards and map out additional network security construction and investment plans.


              The solution focused on comprehensive security issues covering physical devices, system platforms, networks and applications:

              Physical devices: Confirm whether the physical environment is consistent with Chinese standards and information security requirements; whether crypto security measures such as encryption and electromagnetic shielding are deployed on devices, communication circuits and physical media of the mainframes, application servers, network devices and encryptions of key systems.

              System platforms: Ensure the security of the operating system and database system on the mainframe.

              Networks: Standardize connection methods, optimize access control, deploy security protection products and establish/implement management mechanisms.

              Applications: Protect and ensure stable operation of application systems and protect legitimate rights and interests of the customer and the system's internal users.

              Our security operation service team made an elaborate and comprehensive implementation plan covering the full repertoire of security services, such as general risk evaluation of SAL's network, evaluation of hierarchical protection construction differences, system security consolidation, security technology training, security notice pre-warning and emergency response, etc.

              Importantly, we kept all tools and evaluation methods related to each process open to SAL's technicians and developed them into a technical team fully capable of risk evaluation of information security. This approach helped SAL maintain effective network security protection from a long-term view.


              Relying on our independently-developed network security products, leading serviceability and reliable quality control, we succeeded in delivering comprehensive and specialized information security services and cultivated an excellent technical team for SAL, providing a powerful guarantee for its network security.

              Integration & Simplicity

              - NetEye SOC helps China Huaneng Group optimize network security protection


              China Huaneng Group (Huaneng) is a Fortune 500 company with registered capital of RMB 20 billion. Its major businesses include development, investment, construction, operation and management of power sources.

              Customer's Challenges

              With the principle of unified planning, resource sharing and integration, and based on China's security construction standard norms and global best practices, Huaneng needed to build up a safe, reliable high-performance, easy-to-manage, all-in-one information security system. This needed to be done to ensure the security, reliability, integrity and availability of its various operations, such as document circulation, video conference, IP voice telephone, basic construction, real-time monitoring of production sites, transmission and presentation of production, planning, finance, staffing and archive data and to address the security requirement of the external network.

              In addition, the system needed to be consistent with Huaneng's strategic goal of building a comprehensive energy group that has power generation as the core business, development of the coal industry as the foundation and transportation as the supporting business. The system needed to be compatible with Huaneng's IT infrastructure development plan and have the same information security management measures.

              Solution for Huaneng's Headquarters

              Neusoft NetEye SOC (Security Operation Center) helped Huaneng's headquarters turn isolated security resources into an information assurance system that allows for centralized display, management and processing of all security events. Operation and maintenance of information security of all subsidiary companies and power plants can be directly monitored through the ports of local security operations and maintenance management platforms. In addition, NetEye NTARS (Network Traffic Analysis and Response System) has enabled effective monitoring of backbone network traffic, direction of the traffic flow, as well as any abnormal traffic.

              Insufficient IT knowledge among employees, weak IT infrastructure, and low awareness of network security are some of the drawbacks of China's traditional electric power industry and Huaneng is no exception. However, its headquarters has a high-quality and well-educated information service team, available for rapid and effective service support of vendors and integrators.

              China's power generation enterprises have certain unique characteristics. For instance, they have a large number of branches, subsidiary companies and electric power plants distributed in the remote areas across a province or in other provinces. The integration of all business networks in a secure manner and assurance that these networks communicate effectively is a great priority for the network management department of Huaneng. Neusoft was able to address all of Huaneng's security service requirements by virtue of our nationwide service platform. We also assigned a dedicated senior information security team to plan, design, execute, coordinate and maintain security for the reconstruction of dual networks for Huaneng's new building.

              Solution for Local Power Plants

              Large-scale plants with high information dependence are able to monitor their network security independently and report security events to their superiors, while the network security of small-scale plants with low information dependence is monitored directly by their superiors. Lack of information, deficient IT capability, low network security awareness and strong dependence on vendors and integrators are the general shortcomings found in small-scale plants. In addition, power plants tend to be scattered across the country. Some water power and wind power plants are located in remote areas and require high-quality localized services provided by the vendors and integrators.

              Hence, network security vendors and integrators need to have a nationwide service support capability that can provide network services parallel to the headquarters. We at Neusoft, with a nation-wide service network, can provide seamless localized service support for all the of Huaneng’s many plants.

              For those electric power plants located in remote areas with poor network infrastructure (only ADSL for network connections), it is necessary to use VPNs to connect with their superiors. For those plants using a large external network and small internal network, given that the internal network is seldom used and the poor condition of network infrastructure and communication, we suggested applying the external network more widely based on guaranteed network security.

              Starting in the second half of 2009, we established partnerships with Huaneng at its five locations, including Beijing, Shandong, Ningxia, Sichuan and Hulunbuir. We communicate with representatives from Huaneng on its system structure and network security continuously, optimizing the solution to meet their actual requirements. Our NetEye SOC has helped Huaneng simplify the operation and maintenance processes of network security management and turn isolated management into an integrated system, thus greatly improving efficiency of its operation and maintenance.

            Know more about Neusoft NetEye, please visit: http://neteye.neusoft.com/en

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