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            Automotive Electronics

            In-vehicle Infotainment System - Integrated Solution of Automotive Electronics by Neusoft

            Together with partners, Neusoft Automotive has developed more than 300 audio and navigation models, which are popular in North America, Latin America, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and China.

            In-vehicle infotainment system of Neusoft include in-vehicle audio, navigation, bus and position service, electronic map, information, solution and service. With over 15 years of experience in the outsourcing industry, a standardized approach to process improvement (CCMI5) and a 2,000 member-strong dedicated work team, Neusoft Automotive has become the industry leader in in-vehicle infotainment.

            The Neusoft Automotives is cross-national, combining the long-term experiences of our Chinese, German and US teams. Please click here to know more about Neusoft Technology Solutions Germany.

            In the in-vehicle infotainment field, Neusoft provides a suite of solutions for Audio, Visual, Navigation, Communication, Driver-Assistance, and Telematics (AVNCDT).

            Audio,Visual,Navigation,Communication,Driver Assistance,Telematics

            AVNCDT Key Features


            • Built-in 50W×4 power amplifier
            • CD-R/-RW/MP3/WMA/AAC
              • Supports diverse media formats
            • High speed USB Connection for iPod and iPhone
              • Supports USB files
              • Connects iPod/iPhone via USB for playing audio files
            • Time-lagged correlation of 6 channel audio
              • Advanced tuning feature allows every speaker's sound to be heard simultaneously by setting each with a time-lapse value
            • 7 section G-EQ/5 section P-EQ
              • Built-in DSP provides diverse sound effects
            • Preset Bluetooth
              • Supports phonetic dialing
              • Supports BT audio
            • 3 Pre-Out
            • Tone quality upgrade technology
              • Sets sound effects by connecting PC and HU, improves in-vehicle acoustics
            • Reduces external noises and greatly improves sound qualityAUX IN (3.5mm Mini Jack)
              • Supports input of multiple audio devices
            • 24-bit D/A converter
              • Processes compressed audio formats



            • WVGA Display and Visual Enhancement Technology
              • 7 inch WVGA touch screen
              • 2400×480 resolution / 1.15 megapixels
              • Helps remove indistinctness in the lightest and darkest areas of animage, thus solving the problem of overlarge dynamic visual range
              • Balances light and shade to create clearer TV/DVD images
            • Touch Screen Operation
              • Users may select menu via touch screen effortlessly as HMI is very user friendly
            • Supports iPod music/movies
              • High speed data transmission and rapid system respond via USB (connection)
              • Browse movies, pictures, playlists,artists, songs and album information via clear, wide screen
            • 2 Sets of A/V inputs
              • Play AUX video
            • Entirely new method of song display
              • Supports Chinese, English, Thai and Arabic for text displays such as song name
              • Displays information on up to five current songs
            • Image quality adjustment
              • User may control image quality including brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.
            • Video display mode adjustment
              • User may switch video display modes and zoom in or out.
            • Automatic light adjustment system
              • Adjusts display brightness in line with the surroundings
            • Rear seat entertainment
              • Passenger in the rear may watch DVDs, iPod videos, etc.

            Digital Television

            • Supports a wide range of digital television standards, including CMMB, DMB-T(China),
              ISDB-T (Japan), DVB (Europe), ATSC (USA) and DTMB (South Korea)
            • Supports MPEG2 and H.264 standards
            • Multiple resolution outputs, such as1080P, 1080I, 720P and 480P
            • PAL/NTST automatic adaption
            • A wide variety of export models,including D-terminal,PCM
            • Automatic search
            • Electronic Program Guide
            • On-screen display
            • Available in many languages

            DVD Player

            • Supports VCD, DVD, DVD-RW, DVD+R and DVD-R
            • Supports various audio and video formats
            • Supports USB playing
            • Built-in DTS/ Dolby Digital Decoder
            • On-screen display
            • Available for many languages


            • 2D/3D Map Display
              • User may choose 2D or 3D mode to display map
            • Voice Guidance
              • Voice Guidance decreases the time and frequency required to visually sweep of the screen, thus increasing driver safety
            • Integrated Positioning
              • Provides high-precision positioning by integrating GPS,dead reckoning and map match
            • Marker Setting
              • Supports all kinds of markers such as home, detour area, way point, destination, etc.
            • Destination Search
              • Search places according to various attributes, such as name, phone number, address, postcode, etc
            • Route Planning
              • Calculates up to five optional routes simultaneously
            • Route Learning
              • Sets routes based on statistical analysis of user data
            • Route Guidance
              • Gives on-route and around -route instructions and information to facilitate easy driving


            Key features:

            • In-Vehicle Network Control
              • CAN Bus
              • MOST Bus
              • FlexRay Bus
              • Built-in TMC module, Intelligent transport system
              • Selects the best route automatically with the help of real-time traffic information
            • Bluetooth Hands-Free
              • Seamless connection between mobile device and Users
            • 3G Communication
              • Collect and download information via mobile Internet

            Driver Assistance

            • Intelligent reversing camera
              • Supports 360° monitoring by means of combining the images captured from multiple angles
            • Signal detection and monitoring
              • Recognizes signal and monitor information and avoid violating traffic regulations
            • Human and vehicle recognition
              • Recognizes moving objects such as pedestriansand motorcycles, provide a safer driving environment
            • Road Recognition
              • Recognizes road instructions such as direction, to avoid driving in the wrong lane


            • Information services for users and vehicles everywhere
            • International standard Internet Data Center (IDC)
              • Complete control system of safety, power, cooling and environment
              • Supports network connection with multiple telecom operators in China
              • Supports connection with Japanese leased line, thus well positioned to develop a global service center
              • Well-trained Call Center team can provide multi-language service (Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, etc.)
            • Build a co-operative relationship with multiple CP vendors and initialize data debugging services
            • Supports map database and real-time traffic services provided by multiple vendors
            • Currently, we can provide real-time traffic, destination search, surroundings search, weather and urgent call forwarding.
            Customers Partners
            • MERCEDES-BENZ
            • BMW
            • AUDI
            • CHRYSLER
            • VW
            • HONDA
            • GM
            • Liaoning MOBILE
            • ALPINE
            • HARMAN
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