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            Mobile Terminals

            Mobile Terminals - More than Communication

            Smart Phone

            Neusoft's smartphone solution is applicable for almost all the leading operating systems such as Symbian/S60, Android, Linux/QT, Qualcomm Brew, MeeGo and Windows Mobile.

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            User Interface Solution for Brew Mobile Platform Products

            The UI solution for BMP products is a set of software packages designed for terminal manufacturers which consists of a set of UI frame (based on touch screen) and a group of core applications. By running on Brew MP, it can, upon the demands of users, complete cutting and publishing in a very short time.

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            As a solution and service provider for software embedded in mobile devices, we have the ability to offer full-cycle Tablet solutions covering UI/UE design, application and middleware development, third-party application integration, open source operating system porting, driver development and hardware adaptation. We possess rich experience and technical advantages in embedded Tablet software such as abundant application and multimedia resources, excellent visual effects, smooth operating experience and seamless third-party application integration.

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            Our eBook solutions and services include eBook solutions and packages featuring high quality, low cost, full functionality and customizability, delivering outstanding user experience to OEMs, ODMs, operators and other clients from various industries.

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            Portable Navigation Device

            Embedded with our copyrighted mobile navigation software, our PND system offers unrestricted Telematics and operator services.

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            Mobile Communication Solutions

            Neusoft's numerous communication solutions enhance mobile contact management and mobile communications with IP based services such as messaging, telepresence, VoIP, video call, sharing and social network integration. Neusoft provides mobile communication solutions for all the leading operating systems such as iPhone, Android, Linux/QT, MeeGo, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone.

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            Neusoft Notification Solution

            Notifications are a fresh, new approach to customer communication. No more restrictions and costs of SMS or MMS messages – create your own channel for rich, personalized notifications. Text, pictures, links, coupons, polls, calendar events… Neusoft Notification Solution lets you communicate with your customer in many engaging ways.

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