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            Industry Solutions

            Neusoft provides customers from various industries with secure, reliable, high quality and scalable solutions to help them implement best practices of information-enabled management for improved business operations.

            We develop and deliver a wide range of IT solutions for various industries such as Telecom, Energy, FSI, Manufacturing, Trade Logistics, Healthcare, Education, Transportation and more.

            Neusoft has developed a three-tier next-generation support system, comprised of our Business Support System (BSS), Management Support System (MSS) and Operation Support System (OSS) for the telecom industry.
            We have developed a series of solutions and systems to meet the 3G and the post-3G era demands for telecom business, such as:

            • Intelligent Mobile Device Management
            • Partner Relationship Management
            • Integrated Value-Added Service Management platform
            • Online Charging System

            Neusoft provides the energy sector with total solutions for their core operations such as electric power production and customer billing.

            With our onshore and offshore development models, we cater to the world’s top-notch financial institutions with a wide range of IT outsourcing services, such as:

            • Asset Management
            • Credit Card Services
            • Banking Middleware
            • Life Insurance
            • P&C insurance
            • Annuities

            Neusoft offers comprehensive IT solutions for China's medical industry and personal healthcare network, ranging from hardware to software and from technology to services. We also provide colleges and universities in China with comprehensive solutions and a wide range of products including a digital campus platform, integrated student application systems, BI business application systems, HR systems and digital media broadcasting systems.

            Neusoft's IT solutions in the field of Transportation includes Expressway Tolling Systems, Container Logistics center management systems and Metro Management systems. As the first publicly listed software company in China, we provide IT solutions for a number of Government customers and more.

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