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            Product Engineering Solutions

            Neusoft provides a wide range of product engineering solutions & services including product architecture, design services, embedded software development, testing, maintenance and product support.

            Our embedded software has been applied by a number of global brands from various industries, such as Automobiles, Mobile terminals, Digital Home Appliances, IT, etc. We serve a large number of customers from all over the world.

            Neusoft offers solutions and services for the Mobile Telecommunications industry across Symbian, Java, Microsoft and Linux. We are specialists in customized software development and solution services for manufacturers, operators and enterprises. Our offering covers full project delivery and R&D for software platforms, applications and middleware and integration and testing services. Any stage of a project, multiple stages or the whole project could be outsourced to Neusoft. We offer project management and consultancy support, in addition to highly skilled and experienced developers.

            With more than a decade of rich experience, Neusoft provides a full portfolio of In-Vehicle Infotainment embedded system application services. The expertise covers navigation, AV, Mobile Office, Vehicle functions, Active Safety Solutions and Telematics & LBS solutions.

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