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            Energy - Total solutions for energy industry

            Neusoft supplies the electric power industry with total solutions for their core operations such as electric power production and customer billing, as well as for enterprise data centers and application integration. Our customers include more than 20 provincial grids affiliated with the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) and China Southern Power Grid (CSG).

            • Neusoft's electric power marketing solution is offered as an integrated marketing information service platform to power supply plants within the national, provincial and city level grids. Featuring innovative management and technology, it is designed to support the establishment of a comprehensive multi-layer electric power marketing and customer service network to help power supply plants create innovative systems, methodologies and technologies enhance their customer service.

              At the same time, the business system based on customer relationship management and driven by a workflow control center has enabled automation and controllability of electric power marketing and therefore provided a measurable performance assessment framework. This offers the marketing decision makers in the management the analysis to take decisions on the data warehouse technology.

              Neusoft Electric Power Marketing System Solution

              Neusoft's electric power marketing system includes an integrated service platform for the energy industry and its customers, a business processing platform focusing on efficiency, a management platform emphasizing quality, a secure and open application integration platform and a marketing/finance unified platform based on the value chain.

              Neusoft Electric Energy Data Acquisition Solution

              Aimed at supporting the construction of smart grids, Neusoft's electric energy data acquisition system aims to closely integrate with the electric power marketing system to provide services through acquisition and comprehensive cost controls for various users and terminals. The system is also able to conduct closed loop management, line loss analysis and assessment and intensive control of the acquisition of electric energy data; thus offering service and support to data acquisition operations.

              Neusoft Marketing Analysis & Decision-making Assistance Solution

              Marketing analysis and decision-making assistance is an advanced application based on data centers at both the national and provincial levels. On the basis of the relevant marketing business data at all levels and relying on the data centers of the grid and provincial companies, a marketing decision-making analysis data warehouse is created within, enabling the complete digital management of marketing decision-making analysis. As well, the integration of marketing data exchange platforms between the national grid and the provincial companies offer smooth sharing of such data.

              The system performs comprehensive analysis and in-depth examination of business data and other relevant information through data warehouse technology and business intelligence tools to make various analyses and forecasts covering market operations, marketing capabilities, customer service and equipment assets. Moreover, it takes advantage of accumulated data, models, methods and knowledge to support human-machine interactive smart decision making, which provides a solid foundation for making marketing and service strategies and forming targets.

            • Neusoft has built a unified electric power safe production information system platform covering power transmission, transformation, adjustment and testing throughout electric power production cycles for the grid, as well as provincial and urban electric companies.

              Combining the strengths of advanced management software such as ERP and EAM, the platform applies a distributed J2EE-based web architecture. Given the advanced management experience of many power supply companies, it helps provide standardized and regulated business operations for streamlined business management. As a result, the platform helps companies streamline their production management workflow and rationaliize resource allocation for improved management efficiency.

              Neusoft Electric Power Safe Production Solution

              Electric power is an asset-intensive industry. The core task of safe production is to ensure safe, reliable and economic transmission and allocation of electric power through efficient operation and maintenance of the grid assets, ?and by improving the reliability of power utilization. The core of the safe production management solution is to enable safe operation, as well as add and maintain the value of the grid assets through efficient operation and maintenance of the assets, right from the start of the asset lifecycle. Focusing on operation and maintenance of the grid assets, our system ensures safe and reliable transformation of electric power. The core business activities include operation supervision, management & analysis, asset evaluation & maintenance, safety guarantee & supervision and dispatching command & coordination. These activities are closely related and systematically combined to enable safe, reliable and efficient operation and maintenance of assets.

            • Given the independent information structure within electric power companies, separate business systems driven by departments have already split the companies' information systems. Establishing an integrated platform through effective planning and creating a unified enterprise-level business application system focusing on service has become a serious challenge for many electric power companies.

              Neusoft provides following integrated platform solutions for the electric power industry:

              Neusoft Electric Power Data Center Solution

              Our data center is a public information platform offering production, marketing, operation, integrated data management and analysis service for electric power companies. As an important data exchange and sharing platform across businesses and workflows, the solution offers a unified structure to combine and integrate all current and future data and businesses to provide a strategic enterprise-level service and an integration application at different management levels. Hence, the core of such a data center is the integration of a universal data model and industry components.

              Neusoft Electric Power Business Service Solution

              Neusoft's Electric Power Business Service Platform (EP-BSP) is built upon an state of the art architecture. The basic technical structure of this platform enables effective establishment of various platform software such as data exchange platform, information integration platform and enterprise data center platform. This helps companies integrate their organizational applications and share and exchange data. Relying on a shared database based on the Common Information Model, the platform establishes a foundation for companies' standard public data model and provides CIM data access service. Finally, it helps facilitates data sharing across different application systems of the whole electric power industry based on a common data model.

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