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            Healthcare - IT solutions for medical industry and personal healthcare network service

            Neusoft offers comprehensive IT solutions for China's medical industry and personal healthcare network service, ranging from hardware to software and from technology to services.

            Seeking overseas agent and distributor for medical IT solutions.

            overseas agent and distributor for medical IT solutions.

            Tel:(86 24) 83663461

            We provide hospitals of all sizes with over 50 different models of digital medical imaging systems. Categorized into 10 series, they include among others CT and MRI scanners, digital X-ray as wells as diagnostic ultrasound systems. In addition, we deliver comprehensive, patient-centered e-hospital solutions including HIS, CIS, LIS, EMR, PACS, RIS, CAD and remote diagnosis.

            Targeting personal healthcare, we have helped many large hospitals build up "Xikang" health management systems and deliver remote medical services to patients.

            We also provide public health services, medical security, new rural cooperative and regional medical services, prescription drug insurance and other similar systems and solutions for government agencies.

            Currently, we provide our services to more than 5,000 customers and partners in the fields of medical systems and healthcare.

            • Neusoft public health information system helps in the prevention and control of diseases and helps in the effective management of public health, especially in the case of public health emergencies.

              Neusoft Public Health Emergency Response Command System
              Neusoft Disease Control & Prevention System
              Neusoft Health Supervision & Enforcement System
            • Neusoft E-Hospital ?Solutions: A Full Range of Totally Digital Hospital Solutions

              Neusoft offers e-hospital solutions that can be implemented in a sustainable manner. These include application systems for different departments, module-based multiple application system frameworks, diversified information interactions and scenario-specific solutions.

              Application System for Departments

              Based on an ERP-featured classification model and management structure to define and divide different business departments, the solution focuses on fundamental operations and is designed to enable digitalized management of hospital businesses through effective system and interface management for improved service quality. With the support to different applications in different layers ranging from businesses, knowledge and decision making, the solution offers increased efficiency in clinical applications, economy, management, teaching & study, research, customer service, supply-chain management and external interfaces. Thus, it covers virtually all business processes and management activities of a hospital.

              Module-based Multiple Application System Framework

              Sticking to an SOA analysis & design concept, a seamless combination of platform and modules has always been our choice. This framework, therefore, helps transform business units into intelligent clients that can be easily separated or integrated ?to support expanding requirements of technologies such as Web Service and XML. Compatible with integrated middleware products such as Microsoft BizTalk, it meets the customization needs of hospital business departments and helps to improve the process of managing a hospital. Therefore, it can provide either an immediate solution for existing needs or act as a scalable asset for future growth.

              Diversified Information Interactions

              Provide a variety of information interactions such as telephone appointment, network registration, short message service, MCA/PDA, and large screen display.

              Scenario-specific Solutions

              Neusoft's e-hospital system offers a wide range of customization options based on different application scenarios, such as synergy between a hospital and its branches, out-patient package service, collaboration between hospitals and communities, as well as cooperation between hospitals by sharing images, medical records and patient information.

              Full Product Line

              HIS: Our Hospital Information Management System includes information systems for outpatient, inpatient, clinic, medical technique, medicines, logistics, general management and statistics & analysis;
              PACS/RIS: Medical image storage, transfer & diagnosis aid and radiology information system;
              EMR: Electronic Medical Record;
              LIS: Laboratory Information System;
              Remote Diagnosis and Consultation System;
              CAD Software: UroCARE, MammoCAD, OsteoCARE, CardioCARE, CT Perfusion, NeuLungCARE, PETCARE and NeuColonCARE;
              Other software products: Health Inspection Center, OA, Tele-Medicine and Archive Management System
            • Our personal healthcare services include:

              Healthcare management solutions for VIPs
              Healthcare management solutions for enterprises
              Healthcare management solutions for cities
              Healthy lifestyle solutions


              As a landmark brand of Neusoft Medical, Xikang integrates the most useful resources of regional medical centers and community healthcare facilities through the combination of health Internet of things (IOT), health cloud platforms and outstanding medical resources. Xikang ?is oriented to provide families and individuals with full-lifecycle healthcare services that even incorporate a chronic disease prevention.

              Our Innovation

              Xikang is an innovative healthcare management platform built upon Internet-based integrative healthcare monitoring equipment, designed to provide professional, high-quality healthcare management & services for individuals, families and communities. This is done by seamlessly connecting healthcare services provided by regional medical centers/community health service institutions and individual/family dynamic healthcare management with the data archiving systems of health monitoring and management institutions. Xikang not only makes premium medical resources available by offering real-time, convenient services to communities, families and individuals who pursue high-quality life, but also helps establish a scientific and systemic networking management platform for hospitals and health administrative departments, thus creating an easy path for healthcare development and making optimum use of the investments in healthcare.

              Xikang endeavors to:

              Promote the upgrade of medical services from clinical management to healthcare management;
              Establish individual electronic healthcare records with real-time updates;
              Create cross-border digital hospitals and networking healthcare communities;
              Enable a full-range healthcare system by using Xikang's model of healthcare monitoring at home, treating minor illnesses at community medical centers and more serious illnesses at hospitals.


              Functionalities of the Xikang Platform

              Tele-healthcare monitoring service connects families, local communities and hospitals together
              Comprehensive collection of personal healthcare data
              Customized healthcare consulting services
              High quality in-hospital services
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