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            Digital Campus Solutions

            Digital Campus Solutions - To benefit from multi-layered, innovative, and open digital campus

            Neusoft provides colleges and universities in China with comprehensive solutions and a wide range of products including a digital campus platform, integrated student application systems,  business application systems, HR systems and digital media broadcasting systems. Customer benefits include improved education quality, better operating efficiency and enhanced core competitiveness generated from a multi-layered, innovative and open digital campus.


            • Uniform identity authentication of colleges and universities
            • Information silo and data sharing among departments of colleges and universities
            • Data authenticity and uniqueness for colleges and universities
            • Effective use of data assets of colleges and universities through in-depth data mining and analysis
            • Secondary developments can be managed by Neusoft UniEAP in a stable, powerful and efficient manner
            • Supports effective decision making


            • Business data records
            • User-oriented services

            Neusoft Digital Campus Solution consists of:

            Digital Campus Platform

            Our Digital Campus Platform helps colleges and universities manage portal platforms, identity and data standards on a unified basis.

            Data Center Application Platform

            With the advancement of IT infrastructure in colleges and universities, data re-use has become an effective way to provide information services and hence, it is necessary to build up data centers for different operations. These data centers offer complete data information support to managers, teachers and students of colleges and universities through data analysis and mining.

            Unified Students Application System

            Focusing on talent cultivation and development, we provide an integrated student information system covering teaching and learning, with services tailored to the entire university life-cycle. This unique system helps colleges and universities create a better networked environment of learning, living and employment for on-campus students, enabling them to effectively deliver high-quality education.

            Human Resource System

            Neusoft College & University HR Management System is a universal offering designed to help on-campus HR Management departments improve their efficiency and value by establishing and performing electronic business operations.

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