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            Transportation - Expressway Tolling Systems, Container Logistic Center Management Systems, and Metro Management Systems

            Neusoft's IT solutions in the field of transportation include expressway tolling systems, container logistics center management systems and metro management systems.

            • Neusoft provides a variety of IT solutions for the Metro system:

              Neusoft ACC System Solution

              ACC System helps transportation operators exactly identify their respective operations and perform separate accounting and clearing. For passengers, they can get to their destinations by taking more than one vehicle with just one ticket. ACC System allows operators to master operation data from a macro perspective to make decisions for flow adjustment and operating mode change of the whole urban Metro system. It also creates consistent interfaces between Metro operating and exterior systems uniformly, thus ensuring a consistently good public service image.

              Neusoft Metro General Information Management System Solution

              This GIS-based solution has made full use of many technologies such as digital information processing, network communication, data warehousing, multi-media and large-quantity data disposal. By integrating many systems like asset management, financial management, OA, engineering management and HR management, it helps create clustered digital data for easy management, analysis and decision-making. It also helps integrate and utilize all digital information of cities both inside and outside the metro system.

              Neusoft Metro Communication System Solution

              Based on advanced transferring system, it contains all communication subsystems and other subsystems needed for metro systems, such as ATS, SCADA, AFC, wireless communication, office affair communication system, television monitoring, broadcasting, passenger guide and power supply & grounding system.

            • Railway Container Depot System

              As an important part of the railway transportation information system, management information system for container central station is a professional transportation management information system developed to address the requirements of railway informationization.

              Railway container transportation information system integrates separate business management information systems such as existing container tracking, clearing and dispatching. With the help of operating systems like TMIS and DMIS, it strengthens basic public information exchange and accelerates the construction of depot management information system. To gradually establish a three-layered information flow system, we take central, specialized and commission stations as information collection sources, subsidiary companies for on-line cooperation and control, service supervision and operation management and headquarters as the core of decision-making control, including development and planning, market development, resource configuration and transport capacity support. The system realizes effective sharing and integration of information. It offers a strong information guarantee to achieve system, management and technical innovations in railway container transportation, rapidly enhances railway container transport capacity, comprehensively improves technical equipment level and service quality in railway container transportation thus realizing the strategic objective of leap-forwarding development for railway container transportation management modernization.


              Vehicle Management
              Dispatch Order Management
              Container Loading & Unloading Operation Management
              Depot Container & Operation Management
              Entrance Inspection Management
              Equipment Resource Management
              Freight Transport Accident Management
              Business Management
              Revenue Management
              Statistics Management
              Office Management
              System Maintenance Management
              Interface Management
            • Neusoft Expressway Tolling System Solution

              Conforming to the technical requirements for Network Toll Collection of Toll-way issued by the Ministry of Transport, Neusoft Express Tolling System enables the unified collection of toll on provincial expressways and helps solve the problem of excessive tollgates and disorderly management by allowing drivers to reach their destination by just using one card throughout their route.

              It offers a flexible cropping system that can calculate toll based on road sections as well as by rates applied to different road sections.

              Since the system adopts an open platform and a unified structure which delivers good integration, controllability and compatibility; it can be applied to the tolling system software covering closed road sections and provincial networked ways. It also supports electronic toll collection (ETC) and provides the expressway tolling industry with an integrated solution to improve and upgrade existing tolling software.

              The functionality of the system includes physical toll collection, financial management, toll distribution, receipt management, snapshot management and ETC.


              Provides integrated tolling and distribution solutions for roadside and provincial toll collection centers;
              The design of the system software meets the standards of traffic trade with good integrity, controllability and compatibility;
              Supports non-contact and contact IC cards, magnetic strip tickets and ETC;
              Centralized data management adopts a trunked model to ensure the reliability of the system;
              Uses leading mature relationship database to ensure integrity and consistency of data;
              Automatically selects driving routes and flexible distribution exactly matching driving routes and distance covered by a vehicle;
              Adopts an accounting model that supports settlements by tollgates, toll centers (sub-centers) and clearing centers;
              Ensures stable storage and transmission of data through multiple ways to improve the security of the system; and
              User-friendly software interface is easy to operate.

              Case List

              Hebei Province Expressway On-line Toll System
              Liaoning Province Expressway On-line Toll System
              Shenyang Subway Line 1 Telecommunication System
              China Railway Container Logistic Center System
            • Neusoft Aviation Industry Solution for HNA Group:

              Neusoft Integrated Management Platform for HNA Group (EIP)

              With increasing competition in the aviation industry, airlines are under increasing pressure to achieve higher working efficiencies while maintaining customer service levels. With a simple integrated management platform (EIP enterprise edition), aviation companies can simplify the work done by their employees and improve working efficiency through efficient transmission of information, paperless mobile office, administrative assistance and formal scientific management. This helps the top management improve decision-making and achieve flexible management, thus increasing core competitiveness of enterprises.

              Neusoft HR Management Platform for HNA Group (e-HR)

              Human resources are the most essential part in the management and operation of an organization. From the perspective of complete human resource management, e-HR is a standardized digital working platform based on information technology which brings together different players involved in human resource management like officers, HR and other departments and employees. This system offers different applications to different characters with its function covering every aspect of HR management. It is the information hub of an enterprise for comprehensive or strategic human resource management.

              Neusoft Assets Management Platform for HNA Group (EAM)

              Improving capital utilization and reducing capital maintenance costs are the asset management related goals of enterprises. EAM is a platform reinforcing the management concepts of cost accounting based on capital model and equipment account. With this system, the Group can fully supervise and control asset allocation and financial management according to fund and material flows and precisely monitor assets with advanced barcode technology during purchase, utilization, transferring, checking, cleanup and disposal. Combined with statements of assets clarification and statistics, the system also provides a full-lifecycle process of information analysis and management for each kind of capital as well as high-performance management tools for the Group’s daily asset management and assets evaluation.

              Neusoft E Mobile Office Platform for HNA Group

              To meet the office needs of customers who are frequently on business trips and work outdoors, Neusoft mobile office platform for HNA Group breaks the limitation of traditional indoor office and enables a variety of working modes including wireless office, data download and acquisition through mobile phone anytime, anywhere to increase working efficiency.

              Case List

              E-government System for Civil Aviation Administration of China
              e-HR System for HNA Group
              Asset Management System for HNA Group
              Mobile Office System for HNA Group
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