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            Site Map


            Industry Solutions

            Telecom Government Healthcare
            Energy Manufacturing Education
            FSI Trade Logistics Transportation

            Product Engineering Solutions

            Automotive Electronics IT Products Industrial Control
            Mobile Terminals Broadcasting & Cinema
            Network Security Appliances
            Digital Home Products Retail Electronics

            Products & Platform

            TalentBase HCM Cumquat MDM: Mobile Device Management System
            SkillBase PACS
            Group Financial Management & Control Systems Digital Signage Network /System
            Customer Relationship Management NetEye Security Operations Center
            Enterprise Asset Management NetPatrol
            SEAS Aclome™
            Business Process Content Management UniEAP™
            UniOffice OpenBASE
            Rear View Assistance System One Core: Global Navigation


            Engineering Services

            On-demand Services

            Application Development and Maintenance Telemedicine
            ERP Consulting and Implementation Xikang
            IT Infrastructure Services Telematics
            Software Globalization & Localization  
            Professional Testing & Performance Engineering

            IT Education and Training

            Management Consultation



            Contact Center
            Finance & Accounting Outsourcing
            Human Resource Outsourcing
            Web Content Management
            IT Support Service

            About Neusoft

            Company Profile Social Responsibility Qualifications & Certifications
            Vision & Mission Awards Neusoft Senior Executives
            Sustainable Development History Multimedia Resources


            Corporate Governance Capital Stock Changes
            Financial Reports Investor Services
            Key Financial Data  


            Press Release
            Press Contact


            Contact Us

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