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            Being a landmark brand of Neusoft Medical in the healthcare segment, XIKANG integrates the most useful resources of regional medical centers and community healthcare facilities through the combination of health Internet of Things (IOT), health cloud platforms and outstanding medical resources. XIKANG is oriented to provide families and individuals with full-lifecycle healthcare services that even incorporate a chronic disease prevention ecosystem.

            Our Innovation

            Xikang is an innovative healthcare management platform built upon Internet-based integrative healthcare monitoring equipments, designed to provide professional, high-quality healthcare management & services for individuals, families and communities. This is done by seamlessly connecting healthcare services provided by regional medical centers/community health service institutions and individual/family dynamic healthcare management with data archiving systems of health monitoring and management institutions. Xikang, not only makes premium medical resources available by offering real-time, convenient services to communities, families and individuals who pursue high-quality life, but also helps establish a scientific and systemic networking management platform for hospitals and health administrative departments, thus creating an easy path for healthcare development and making optimum use of the healthcare investment.

            Xikang endeavors to:

            • Upgrade medical services from clinical management to healthcare management;
            • Establish individual electronic healthcare records with real-time updates;
            • Create cross-border digital hospitals and networking healthcare communities;
            • Enable a full-range healthcare system by using Xikang’s model of healthcare monitoring at home, curing minor illnesses at community medical centers and serious illnesses at hospitals.


            Functionalities of Xikang Platform

            • Tele-healthcare monitoring service connects family, local community and hospital together
            • Comprehensive collection of personal healthcare data
            • Customized healthcare consulting services
            • High quality In-hospital services
            • Xikang Healthcare Terminal

              Xikang Healthcare Terminal, the most innovative and easy-to-use remote household healthcare monitoring device in China, offers healthcare management services to both individuals and families serving as a link between users and Xikang Healthcare Management Platform. Through personalized management of the health information of individuals or family members, it provides them with customized healthcare management solutions and information according to their actual conditions and requirements. It is also connected to the services of medical institutions, thus creating a green channel for users to have easy access to doctor’s professional advice and other various services.

              Xikang Healthcare Terminal functions as a considerable healthcare assistant to chronic patients, sub-health population, health-conscious people and their families.

              Xikang Healthcare Terminal

              Xikang Healthcare Watch

              As a compact yet powerful linkage between Xikang Healthcare Management Platform and its users, Xikang Healthcare Watch is a wrist watch with an inbuilt computer that can collect body movement information from users in order to provide healthy exercise plans and healthcare management solutions.

              Xikang Healthcare Watch is an unprecedented innovative product integrating diverse state-of-the-art IT technologies such as IOT, cloud computing, GSM mobile communication system and 3D sensor. Like a private health and exercise advisor, it delivers personalized individual management solutions with modern technologies in a professional and effective manner.

              Xikang Healthcare Watch

            • Xikang Healthcare Management Center is a network of large-scale healthcare management institutions in developed Chinese cities built jointly by Xikang and China's well-known first-class hospitals. It is a middle and high-end healthcare management center which provides continuous lifecycle healthcare management services to help users develop healthy lifestyles.

              As a leader in the healthcare management industry, Xikang is dedicated to deliver personalized healthcare advices which covers sports medicine, scientific nourishment, healthcare education, psychological counseling and health examination on an user’s Xikang terminal with cutting-edge mobile medical monitoring and cloud computing technologies in the world. We adhere to the concept of Healthcare Everywhere in order to help people gain health consciousness for better health and thus making contributions to the community.

              Xikang Healthcare Management Center helps to maintain human health A best-in-class center offering healthcare management solutions and healthcare consulting services to individuals with the support of advanced health check and risk management devices, VIP exclusive, health education & experience center and medical experts from third-level grade-A hospitals.

              Xikang Healthcare Management Center

            • XIKANG.com is a specialized website that provides consulting services for different groups of people for their well being.

              A professional healthcare consulting team consisting of experts in various fields such as medicine, healthcare and fitness etc.., are made available through this web interface. XIKANG.com is committed to provide customized consulting services, including body building, scientific slimming solutions, maternity and infant health, mental healthcare and medical encyclopedia, in an effort to help users gradually develop rational ideas and methods of healthcare and physical fitness.


            • Solution of Member Health Management

              As a perfect combination of powerful medical technique and leading IT service, XIKANG can systematically realize the following health management services: establishment of the life-long electronic health records for patients; assessment, forecasting, tracking of clients' health state; early warning for the disease; providing all-round health education, and health intervention; Tips about the compatibility of medicines; customized physical examination plan; remote health equipment monitoring; expert consultation; lifetime healthcare from the aspects of gene, life style, diet, living environment, professional behavior, medical history, current state, physical examination, and other remote device monitoring.

              Solution of Enterprise Health Management

              Based on characteristics of different industries, XIKANG can provide the following all-round health management services, especially for the executives, middle-level managers and employees. Services include EHR management, physical examination, disease assessment, medical green channel, expert consultation, health lectures, and treatment reservation, from which the employees' health can be maintained and intervened. Therefore, it can promote the health status of employees to further increase their work productivity. Moreover, it can reduce the medical cost and absence ratio, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprises, increase employees' benefits, motivate staff's enthusiasm and increase their satisfaction.

              Solution of Urban Health Service

              Cooperated with the government, XIKANG can create a popular mode of "Healthcare City" by the implementation of health service and the training of medical personnel. Therefore, the health service mechanism can be gradually improved, such as enhancing the hospital's capacity relying on local hospitals, and community health centers to relieve difficulties in hospitalization; strengthening the constructions in terms of the disease prevention and control, and epidemic network and improving the infectious disease's surveillance, early warning, disposal capacity so that it can achieve the bilateral diagnosis model of "go to community clinic to cure the illness, go to the hospital if you have disease, transfer back to community clinic when recovered"; developing the chronic disease screening, and then performing the intervention model; creating the interactive mode between urban and rural medical resources by the way of "helping in pairs" so that the high-quality medical resources can be guided into the rural areas; further intensifying the establishment of new rural corporative medical platform, and achieving the goal of " Real-time report in the hospital, in-time reimbursement when out of hospital" so that problems of getting medical service can be solved.

              Healthy Lifestyle Solution

              Living environment is closely associated with lifestyle of individuals and families. By partnering with communities, Xikang offers round-the-clock healthcare monitoring and instruction services to each family member with powerful cloud computing platform, intelligent expert system and smart healthcare terminals in compliance with China’s National Standard of Blue House for Family. While offering full life-cycle medical security service using its integrated medical service network across China it also provides each family member with comprehensive healthcare promotion service through its non-medical healthcare management systems such as healthcare clubs in the community. We aim to raise people’s awareness of Xikang’s green, healthy, high-tech living philosophy and help them to live a green, healthy and high-tech lifestyle.

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