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            Engineering Services

            Application Development and Maintenance

            In today's highly competitive global market, every company faces issues of controlling management costs and increasing revenues by balancing internal resources and outsourcing. Hence, an increasing number of offshore development centers (ODCs) built upon real-time network communication in India, China and Eastern Europe have become a strategic choice for large global companies.

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            ERP Consulting and Implementation

            Neusoft has been active in the fields of ERP implementation and consulting services since 1996. Over the past 10+ years, we have provided optimized management solutions and ERP services covering implementation, consulting, operation & maintenance to domestic and overseas enterprise users. We also provide technical support by leveraging a seamless combination of rich project experience and mature industry solutions.

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            IT Infrastructure Services

            • Maintenance Services
            • Consulting
            • Professional training
            • Professional Services 
            • Data Center
            • IT Outsourcing 

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            Software Globalization & Localization

            Localization engineering
            Services include compiling environment reproduction, source control & document management, pseudo-translation, dialog box resizing, recompiling & testing, error correction and virus-free golden version controlling.
            Translating contents on user interfaces
            Services include character strings, dialog boxes, menus and error messages. Translate user aids and tutorials such as help, online documentation, printed manuals and packages.
            Neusoft guarantees that all translations are consistent and accurate.

            Software testing & quality assurance
            Services include globalization testing, localization testing, functionality testing, compatibility testing, usability testing, etc.

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            Professional Testing & Performance Engineering

            The scope of this service includes functional testing, integration/system testing, embedded testing, performance testing, performance optimization, usability testing, security testing, localization testing, internationalization testing, compatibility testing, capacity planning and application performance management. Neusoft's performance engineering service aims to help customers minimize operational risks and protect IT investment. The product testing service is offered to help customers improve the quality of software products to meet delivery requirements. The application system testing service, on the other hand, is positioned to help customers improve and promote the quality of application system effectively to reduce their operational risks after the system is launched in the future. At present, we have built up a professional testing & performance engineering service team, comprising test managers, QAs, consultants, test designers, test engineers and performance test engineers.

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