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            IT Support Service

            As the leading IT services and solutions provider in China, Neusoft has firmly entrenched itself as a top player in the IT managed services industry for the APAC region. Our domain expertise, strategically placed delivery centers, wholly owned IT Institutes and innovative approach have enabled us to provide an IT-business integrated solution in multiple languages for our global clientele. As the single point of contact and accountability, Neusoft is ableto reduce total cost of ownership and simplify delivery of your IT services.

            Service Portfolio

            • IT Helpdesk
            • On-site Support
            • IT Managed Service: SLA Management, IT Asset Management and IT Security Management.
            • IT Infrastructure Management Service,including application, server, network and communication

            Why Neusoft IT Service?

            • Domain Knowledge: As the largest IT solution and service provider in China, we have accumulated profound domain knowledge in diverse IT infrastructure components including hardware, network, applications, etc.
            • Human Resources: More than 17,000 IT employees working for various industries on a wide range of technologies
            • Flexibility: We provide flexible and customized solutions to satisfy a wide range of customer needs
            • Customer Satisfaction: We believe that end-users are more than just users, they are customers as well. This core value is reflected in the service our agents provide, and has helped our clients increase their customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores;
            • Quality: Continuous quality improvement by focusing on SLAs and ITIL v3 methodology.

            Case Study

            Neusoft is working with a leader in IT Software and Services for Level 1 ~ 3 support for its more than 10,000 employees located in China and abroad. With more than 5 years of co-operation, Neusoft has been striving for a continuous improvement in quality as well as higher efficiency through process re-engineering. The highlights of the project are:

            • Process standardization by deploying advanced IT lifecycle management solutions;
            • Performance improvement leading to a push in customer's IT infrastructure transformation;
            • Resource sharing for the customer;
            • Quality focused, thus leading to better FCR results.
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