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            IT Infrastructure Services

            Neusoft IT Helper - Consultancy, Delivery and Support

            Why choose Neusoft?

            • Neusoft is a leading IT solutions & services provider in China that has provided many large companies and organizations with a large number of IT infrastructure platforms and application solutions & services.
            • Neusoft has set up 8 virtual regional headquarters and a comprehensive sales & service network in over 40 cities across China.
            • Spread across many cities in China, Neusoft's employees have a strong technological base. We have about 300 professional service staff including some certified senior professionals and experts who hold the following certifications:
            • PMP Certified Project Manager, Cisco Certified (CCIE, CCNP/CCDP, CCNA/CCDA), (IBM, HP, Sun) Certified Unix Professionals, Data Protection Professionals (Symantec, EMC and Brocade Certified), Oracle Certified Professionals and BEA Certified Engineers, Microsoft Certified Professionals and Certified Network Security Professionals.
            • Strong technology development capacity.
            • Neusoft has established strategic alliances with well-known global IT solution providers.

            Areas of specialization include (but not limited to)

            Maintenance Services

            • Hardware System Maintenance & Support
              • Basic maintenance package 
              • Standard maintenance package
              • Enhanced maintenance package
              • Top level maintenance package
            • Software System Maintenance & Support
              • Trouble shooting
              • Preventive maintenance service
              • Product update service
              • Technical exchange & support
              • Software configuration optimization
              • Software/data backup & recovery


            • IT Strategy planning
            • IT service strategic & ITSM architecture planning
            • Network Planning Advisory Service
            • Security consultancy, systems delivery & engineering
            • ITSM Platform Selection and Integration
            • ITIL Version 3 assessments and work package recommendation
            • ITSM system designing base on ISO/IEC 20000 standard & ISO20000 system audit support.
            Professional training

            Professional Services

            • System Integration
            • System Migration & Relocation
            • Performance Optimization
            • High Availability Service
            • IT Operation Outsourcing and Management
              • Expert services with
              • HP, Sun, Cisco, Oracle, Symantec, etc.

            Data Center

            With state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, Neusoft provides a full spectrum of Data Center services from collocation and hosting to value-added services. Our data center conforms to international standards with redundancy for power and network connection and strict security control both for physical entries and network access. We support multiple platforms and diversified vendor hardware systems in our hosting service, thus meeting customer's requirements. We have our customer's core system hosted in our data center and monitoring, maintenance and application supports are conducted by our engineers to ensure system availability and service level.

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            IT Outsourcing

            Neusoft's IT Outsourcing services include daily maintenance & trouble-shooting for application system, database, related hardware and network. The Group has provided comprehensive  IT outsourcing service solutions to some well-known large companies including the Haier Group, BMW, Beijing Electric Power Company, etc.

            Customer List

            Neusoft provides IT infrastructure services for many customers from a variety of industries such as telecom, banks, government, businesses, etc. in China. Listed below are some of our customers:
            Haier Group: Server system, business flow and logistics IT system outsourcing;
            China Mobile: Network system maintenance and support for its local branches in ten provinces/cities in China;
            China Unicom Guangdong Branch: Local access network equipment maintenance and support;
            Shenzhen Municipal Planning and Land & Resources Bureau: Database system support;
            China Unicom: IC card calling management system maintenance and support for its local branches in seven provinces/cities in China;
            China Telecom: IC card calling management system maintenance and support for its local branches in eleven provinces/cities in China;
            Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Shenyang Branch: Network maintenance and support;
            China Telecom Guangdong Branch: IT system maintenance and support;
            China Telecom Hunan Branch: IT system maintenance and support;
            Sinotrans: Database system maintenance and support;
            China Foreign Exchange Management Center: IT equipment maintenance and support.

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