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            Contact Center

            Neusot offers a full suite of inbound and outbound services using various service channels such as voice, web, email and fax. We provide a range of service delivery schedules to suit customers’ needs, such as 5*8, 7*12, 7*24 and local hours. Neusoft provides multi-language service to global companies for their local support in Japanese, Korean, English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Our technical support team is staffed with highly trained professionals with extensive experience in applications, network management and technology operations. Our proven ability to ramp up or down quickly, both in volume and skill sets enables us to set industry-wide customer service benchmarks.

            Service Portfolio

            • Inbound Service: Customer Support,Pre-sales Support, Technical Support, Product Support and Application Support
            • Outbound Service: Telesales & Telemarketing, Database Updating, New Products Announcement, Call Back/Customer Care.

            Why Neusoft Contact Center Service?

            • Coverage: Extensive experience in providing highly localized ?customer support
            • Return On Investment: Instilling a business minded approach to our support enables us to maximize our clients’ ROI while increasing their exposure and revenue in APAC and beyond.Human Resources: Having direct access to our wholly owned IT institutes allows us to recruit and retain qualified multilingual agents tailored tocontact center service
            • Operation Management: Neusoft's operation management model embraces the key elements of operation including people, knowledge, quality, process, tools, etc.

            Case Study

            We provide customer and technical support for a U.S. based global leader in information security & management solutions facing Japan and GCR consumers. By delivering the service, Neusoft helped the client to consolidate, simplify and reduce cost for their global operations. The highlights of this partnership are:

            • Support Consolidation from multiple vendors to Neusoft, which led to a more cost-efficient and simplified business model;
            • Successful growth and sustainable operation of the project by enlargement;
            • Continuous Improvement which led to a better CSAT, improved up to 18%;
            • Quality focused which led to a better FCR, improved up to 8%.
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