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            Finance and Accounting Outsourcing

            As the biggest software and services provider in China, Neusoft provides one-stop BPO total solutions to our clients. FAO ?is one of the many offeringsin our portfolio of services. Given our profound domain knowledge and rich experience, Neusoft FAO offers a unique and reliable service to our customers. Furthermore, Neusoft's global and domestic service centers provide advanced infrastructure, multilevel security, privacy controls and failover redundancy to help ensure business continuity.

            Service Portfolio

            • Accounts Payable: Payment facilitation, invoice review and processing, vendor relationship andproblem resolution
            • Accounts Receivable: Document matching, statement generation and delivery, collectionand reporting
            • Payroll Processing: Reimbursements, deductions and tax processing, payroll andpay slip processing
            • Fixed Asset Management: Fixed asset maintenance, depreciation calculation and entryand reconciliation

            Why Neusoft FAO Service?

            • Quality: Performance optimization by utilizing Six Sigma methodology
            • Cost: Cost reduction of 10% - 30% by outsourcing to Neusoft
            • Flexibility: Diversity in support mode meeting clients' requirements
            • Compliance: Compliant with relevant laws and regulations (including local regulations in China and Japan)
            • Security: ISO27001 certification ensures secure service

            Case Study

            We provide services to a Global foodstuff maker for all accounts payable, travel expense processing and procurement. For this customer, Neusoft modified and standardized payment parameters, streamlined invoice approval procedures, established protocols for prioritizing payment and revised conditions for expedited remittance. The results achieved included:

            • Up to 25% annual A/P processing cost savings without capital investment;
            • Greater, centralized control over payables across the enterprise;
            • Quality and accuracy ensuring accurate matching and elimination of duplicate and payments with errors; with real-time tracking and reporting of all payables from the time they are received from the vendor;
            • Automated routing of payables for approval irrespective of location, thus enhancing control and manager productivity by enabling the customer to focus on strategic, core business operations.
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