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            Human Resource Outsourcing

            Neusoft's HRO service reduces and eliminates inefficiencies in personnel management. Through our proprietary HR management platform and system, wecan customize our services to fit the client's needs. Having partnered with a well knownglobal HR consulting service provider, we are proud to offer end-to-end HR solutions, from employee entry to exit. Neusoft is also the leading education service provider) in China,withthree Information Institutes and numerous training centers. These institutes provide us with the resources needed to provide outstanding HRO services.

            With optimal quality management methodology and expertise, Neusoft HRO services help our customers enhance their operational efficiency and productivity.

            Service Portfolio

            • Consulting: Consulting services for an enterprise's total HR solution;
            • Employee Development: Employee training, development (career path planning) and evaluation
            • Recruitment: HR pool establishment, resume review and verification ?interview and induction and hiering.
            • Payroll Management: Salary and bonus, insurance and welfare, attendance tracking, exit administration andpayroll reporting
            • Contract Management: Labor contract signing, contract renewal and relevant documentation such as (Non-Disclosure Agreement);
            • Workforce Administration: Office asset management, travel and accommodation, expense management andcommunication

            Why Neusoft HRO Service?

            • Quality: Performance optimization/monitoring by utilizing Six Sigma;
            • Cost: Cost reduction upto 10% - 30% by outsourcing to Neusoft;
            • Flexibility: Diversity in support mode meeting clients' requirements;
            • Compliance: Compliant with relevant laws and regulation (especially for China and Japan);
            • Security: ISO27001 certification for secured service;
            • Platform Capability: Self-owned HR management system and professional IT support team
            • Relationship: Time-tested cooperative relationship with local government

            Case Study

            Neusoft employs Six Sigma analytical acumen and rigor to continually monitor, measure and validate—and, where needed, recalibrate—the effectiveness of our talent-management programs. In sum, we apply science to people processes to allow for the eventual engineering of flexible and scalable Human Resource IT and management solutions. The 2nd largest PC manufacturer globally is one of the main clients of Neusoft's HR services. Our HR services include:

            • Payroll administration: Produce checks, handle taxes and deal with sick time and vacation time;
            • Employee benefits: Health, Medical, Life insurance, etc;
            • HR management: Background interviews, exit interviews and wage reviews;
            • Implement a human resource information system;
            • Develop and implement compensation program.
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