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            One Core

            Global Navigation

            Neusoft has more than two decades of experience in developing navigation systems for international customers and markets. One Core® builds on well-proven navigation core technology. Now based on latest architecture and a map viewer that was designed and built from scratch, One Core is covering the entire global market providing a unique feature set that is addressing the needs of the automotive industry.

            One Core means automotive grade navigation designed to provide customers worldwide with the most flexible solution on the market.

            One Core is:

            • Universal:Covering all markets with just one navigation core
            • Adaptive:Running on a variety of different operating systems and hardware platforms
            • Scalable:Scalable in its features to run in different hardware environments – from entry level to high-end
            • Modular:Following a modular approach, all components are independent and thus fit to almost any environment with minimal effort for adaptions
            • Future-proof:Natively supporting standards such as GENIVI®, TPEG®, TMC®, OpenLR® or NDS®
            • Innovative:Based on a modern architecture and newly developed Multi-D Map Viewer, Position Tracking and Data Access Module

            One Core is reducing complexity and therefore cost by using NDS from data vendors directly, leading to faster database compilation and updates for the customer and by supporting all relevant traffic delivery channels and providers.   

            Supported Operating Systems (OS)

            One Core is a standalone navigation solution that is running on a variety of OS:

            • GENIVI (based on Yocto®)
            • Android®
            • iOS®
            • Linux
            • QNX®
            • Windows® Desktop
            • Others possible

            Supported Hardware Platforms

            One Core is scalable in its features to run in different hardware environments:

            • Freescale iMX.5® and iMX.6®
            • Intel Atom®
            • Raspberry Pi®
            • nVidia Tegra K1® and X1®
            • Texas Instruments Jacinto 6®
            • Qualcomm ADP602®
            • Others possible

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