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            Rear View Assistance System

            Neusoft Rear View Assistance System

            Neusoft Rear View Assistance System

            Driver Assistance Systems
            To support development of the world's leading edge in-vehicle IT equipment through continued innovation of core in-vehicle IT technology

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            Neusoft Rear View Assistance System is a rearview monitor & parking sensor for ensured back-up safety.

            It features a 185°degree wide-angle camera that captures and transmits real-time view of a wide area behind the vehicle.

            Also, accurate auxiliary lines superimposed on the image are used to help the driver to judge the distance between the vehicle and the surrounding objectives to avoid collision.

            As detection behaviors are based on real-time images, the system can send both visual and audible alerts about any detected obstacles like vehicle or pedestrian or objects that may cause a collision.

            Recognition-based Startup

            Product Model



            • 185° degree wide-angle camera enables the driver to see the rear panorama with no blind spots.
            • The system detection features more timely and accurate warning combined with obstacle detection than any previous ultrasonic reversing radars.
            • Active detection of obstacles and visual/audio alerts in a more effective way.
            • Detects object clearly under poor weather or lighting conditions
            • Accurate detection sensitive to the moving objects like bicycles, children and pedestrians.
            • Widespread application scenarios such as backing up, side parking, and reversing out of a narrow parking lot.


            • System Installation
            • Calibration & Configuration
            • Detection Range Setting
            • Display Setting
            • Language Setting

            Camera Parameter Measurement

            Calibration Measurement

            Camera Specifications

            Sensor 1/4-inch Color CMOS
            Effective pixels 720H x 487V
            Focal length 0.8mm
            F value 2.6
            Visual angle Horizontal: 180°±10°;Vertical:148°±8°
            Exposure mode Automatic
            White balance mode Automatic
            Concurrent mode Internal concurrent
            Resolution 380TVL
            Illumination range 2 to 100000 lx  (0.5 lx or more)
            Operating temperature (-30 to +80 °C)
            Storage temperature (-40 to +90 °C)
            External dimension 20 × 20 × 25mm
            Weight (including theholder) 40g

            Controller Specifications

            Operating voltage 12V D
            Output image CVBS (NTSC color signal)
            Operating temperature (-30 to +60 °C)
            Storage temperature (-40 to +85 °C)
            External dimension 141*89*30mm
            Weight 500g

            Available for:

            • Limousines
            • SUVs
            • Pick-ups
            • Trucks
            • Buses
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