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            SaCa EMM : Enterprise Mobility Management

            As a core component of Neusoft’s SaCa portfolio, SaCa EMM enterprise mobility management platform aims to simplify mobile management, ensure mobile security, and help mobile integration, providing the most comprehensive, fast and stable management and security solutions for mobile construction in enterprises.

            After technological evolution and customer practices over the years, SaCa EMM enterprise mobility management platform has accumulated successful cases in many fields and industries, such as government, finance, transportation, energy, education, environmental protection, justice, communications, etc., among which there includes customers with equipment reaching the level of hundreds of thousands. It satisfies customers in terms of product adaptation and performance and realizes stable operation in the core business system of the customer, making outstanding contributions to the development of enterprises.

            Featuring powerful and comprehensive mobile management and mobile security protection capabilities, SaCa EMM enterprise mobility management platform can meet the management and security requirements of different aspects and different dimensions of the enterprise, and is compatible with common mobile operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc. At the same time, it also takes traditional PC desktop operating system into account, such as Windows, MacOS, etc., providing an integrated management and control platform for enterprises to achieve unified management of heterogeneous systems.

            Meanwhile, the SaCa EMM enterprise mobility management platform provides flexible deployment forms, including enterprise privatization deployment and cloud service deployment, which can be selected according to enterprise scale and actual needs. Furthermore, in addition to providing a complete out-of-the-box solution, it also supports such product form as SDK, meeting the demanding requirements of application integration in enterprises.

            Key capabilities of SaCa EMM enterprise mobility management platform include:

            Device Management: Real-time monitoring and remote control of mobile devices can be achieved, providing a management experience within reach.

            • Conduct comprehensive collection and real-time updating of hardware information, application information, location information, and network information of the device
            • Send commands such as remote locking, remote erasing, and sending messages to the device
            • Perform auditing on device operations and file systems
            • Carry out remote assistance for device

            Application Management: Unified distribution and configuration of mobile applications and some desktop applications can be realized, simplifying deployment procedures of enterprise application.

            • Provide all-in-one proprietary application stores for enterprises that support native applications, hybrid applications, web applications, and others.
            • Support life cycle management of applications
            • Complex distribution rights can be set to ensure accurate distribution of applications
            • Support for auditing and analysis on installation and download of applications
            • Realize the disabling and limitation on specified applications

            Content Management: Provides secure capabilities regarding content management (MCM), Email management (MEM) and browsing management (MBM).

            • Support confidential storage and transmission of documents
            • Support refined distribution of documents
            • Support unified configuration of Email parameters
            • Support remote data erasure to ensure data security
            • Support browsing and accessing black and white list to ensure safe browsing

            Network Management: It can limit the network traffic and Internet behavior, similar to the function of “firewall”, and set network parameters such as VPN, APN and WIFI.

            • Support unified configuration of network parameters, such as VPN, APN, etc.
            • Support auditing on network requests
            • Support mobile firewall function; filtration of specified address can be achieved
            • Limit network traffic

            Desktop Management: Configuration and limitation of the desktop of device can be realized; providing flexible desktop customization policies to ensure consistency and security of desktop.

            • Support management and restriction of desktop icons
            • Support configuration of desktop background
            • Support desktop locking and unlocking

            User Management: Complex organizational structures can be built, including users, groups, tags, etc.; provide dynamic intelligent grouping to meet the flexible needs of customers.

            • Multi-role management
            • Tag management
            • Intelligent grouping management, dynamic group division

            Strategy Management: Facing complex and comprehensive configuration strategy, it can meet complex requirements of device configuration and compliance of enterprises.

            • Configuration strategy: including settings for WIFI, APN, password, lens, etc.
            • Compliance strategy: including limitations for time fences, geo-fences, SIM cards, etc.
            • Multiple strategies: flexible combination and distribution of strategies can be realized
            • Complex matching of conditions: support multiple conditional retrieval and perform actions automatically

            Data Management: With a security sandbox function, it can isolate enterprise data from personal data to prevent accidental disclosure of sensitive data.

            • Ensure security of workspace; isolate work data
            • Remotely remove enterprise data
            • Data storage encryption
            • Data transmission encryption

            Intelligent Statistical Analysis: Provide comprehensive and intuitive statistical reports and visual display, making the system status clear at a glance.

            • Comprehensive Display of Dashboard
            • Statistics on device and application dimension
            • Statistics on User usage dimension
            • Statistics on system alarm

            Integrated Mobile Portal: Offer customizable mobile portals, providing a basic platform for enterprises to integrate mobile resources.

            • Authentication system integration
            • Application integration
            • VPN device integration
            • Replacement of custom skins


            • Full-cycle and multi-level mobility management

            The platform provides multi-level management and control capabilities for device, application and data, enabling comprehensive and real-time tracking of device status and strong management and control covering the entire life cycle, offers managers immersive management experience and effectively reduces management cost of enterprises.

            • Flexible and diverse configuration and strategies

            The platform provides diverse management and security strategies, and a highly configurable strategy engine ensures flexibility in mobile asset management of enterprises to meet the various management demands. The open and standardized interface brings scalability as well as great convenience for integration with existing business systems.

            • Multi-dimensional and 360° security protection

            The platform provides multi-dimensional security protection measures for devices, applications, containers, etc., and meets the information security requirements of enterprises in terms of data storage, transmission, identity authentication, and authority allocation. Once an abnormal risk is detected, security measures are taken automatically to avoid risk from occurring.

            • Comprehensive and intelligent analysis on mobile information

            The platform provides visual statistical analysis services from different perspectives, offering enterprise managers with visual data support such as resource usage, alarming information, device distribution, application dynamics, etc., assisting enterprise managers to control the overall situation and make reasonable and correct decisions quickly.

            • High quality service

            Provide 7X24-hour remote service, and offer customized services based on enterprise needs, such as integration of business systems.

            Our partners

            Neusoft has reached strategic cooperation with many well-known domestic enterprises to maximize each other’s respective advantages and form comprehensive and in-depth solutions. The partners include: Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, Lenovo, Samsung, and Apple.

            Application scenarios

            • Centralized management of equipment

            With the deepening of mobilization, many modern IT departments purchase a large number of mobile devices in batches. Enterprises are facing the risk of out-of-control over device management. EMM assists enterprises to build a professional mobile platform integrating remote configuration and centralized management.

            • BYOD mobile office

            When it comes to mobile office, employees often use private devices to handle office processes. For various mobile devices, EMM can effectively isolate personal applications from enterprise applications, ensure the proper distribution of enterprise applications, and ensure the security of sensitive corporate data.

            • Comprehensive mobile security construction

            Data security always lies at the core of mobile construction in enterprises. EMM gives full consideration to the mobile security system to achieve compliance control of mobile devices, security reinforcement of mobile applications, and security isolation of mobile data.

            • Mobile information portal construction

            Since mobile office has become a popular way of working, enterprises are calling for an aggregation of various mobile applications. EMM has become the No.1 choice for enterprises to simplify IT processes and improve working efficiency.

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