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            Super Electronic Archive System

            Super Electronic Archive System - Full-lifecycle Archive Management

            Super Electronic Archive System (SEAS) is a new-generation archive management platform based on over twenty years of specialized research and practices that enables real-time and full-lifecycle management on the eight business processes. This is done through integration of traditional paper files management and e-archive management as well as combination of traditional filing method with a new model that does filing for each document. Relying on our mature and advanced information technology, SEAS has been built into a high-performance, high-expansibility and high–security platform for government, corporate and organizational customers.


            System architecture

            Pure B/S structure; Complete operations via IE browser; Zero client installation; Support to cross-platform, multiple operating systems and a wide range of databases to prevent the application from attaining environment limit; Three-layer system allowing flexible deployment; and Support to load balancing technique, free from network traffic limitation.

            Platform conception

            Flexible user-defined functions covering archive fond, archive category, classification, management standards, catalogue, statistics and filing process to meet different needs of customers in different industries.


            Consistent with international archiving standards such as OAIS reference model and ISO15489 and China's latest archiving standards; also available for China's independently developed file template applications.(Document Industry and Application Alliance http://diaa.org.cn/)

            Streamlined archive management

            Supportable for bulk scanning, identification, processing, upload and streamlined connection to original files; Bulk download and printing of items and attachments; Broken-point for continuous transfer of large-scale data and documents; Real-time play of streaming media; Screenshot of documents of varied formats; Dual-screen browsing of documents; Input and output templates in the format of .xls(MS excel); and Automatic verification of archiving term and confidentiality level

            Query function

            Online reading appointment on organizational archive websites; Query by year, archive category and fund; Fuzzy search, attribution search, advanced search, full-text search; and Built-in browser with unique technology, supportable for 200+ file formats.

            Data security management

            User and data permission management can ensure high-level control of each item and attachment; All-round monitoring on archive information and system users, alarming or malicious access or operations. Immediate notice is given to the administrator to ensure system security; Automatic compact storage and encryption of large amount of data, helping enhancing storage efficiency and confidentiality; Automatic alarm by mail or SMS when the storage capacity hits the limit: and Data encryption transmission.

            Offline archive management

            Formulation of offline files that can be conveniently browsed and coped by users; Automatic upgrade of file version.

            Version management

            Check-in and check-out electronic documents to prevent revision conflict; Comment and revision functions; Automatic save of the original version, avoiding revision mistakes or investigation of responsibility; Different versions of documents in different formats can be compared and revised contents can be marked; and Automatic record of browsing, revision and query logs of users.

            Multi-technology integrated application

            Integration of full-text search, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), electronic document conversion, workflow engine, data encryption, digital stamp, SMS platform, email platform, bar code scanning search, CA certification and watermark anti-counterfeit.

            Management model

            Centralized and distributed management of users, data and permission.


            Government sectors

            SEAS allows government departments and organizations to perform comprehensive archive management.


            SEAS can help enterprises that have many subsidiaries in different regions exert centralized archive management and realize mutual communication.

            Industry users

            SEAS enables customized archive management based on industrial features and standards.

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