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            OpenBASE: Database Management System

            OpenBASE- The first proprietary commercial database management system developed by Neusoft in China

            OpenBASE is the first proprietary commercial database management system developed by Neusoft in China. Over the past decade and more, OpenBASE has gradually evolved into a widely-adopted product series based on large universal relational databases, including OpenBASE multimedia DBMS, OpenBASE WebServer, OpenBASE Mini embedded DBMS, and OpenBASE Secure DBMS.

            OpenBASE includes the following components:


            • System database server
            • Database clients

            OpenBASE Mini

            • OpenBASE Mini Server
            • OpenBASE Satellite

            OpenBASE Secure

            • Secure database server
            • Secure database clients end

            Customer Cases

            OpenBASE has been widely used in many fields, such as office automation, hospitals, real estate, multimedia teaching, e-business and information security amongst others.

            Currently, this system has 3,000 users, including the General Hospital of Benxi Steel, Jiangnan Shipyard, Shenyang Real Estate Bureau, Xiaoshan Post Office in Zhejiang, Weihai Cable TV, Northeast Yucai School, Nan Shangshanjie Elementary School in Jinan, and Yantai Municipal Government with more than 1,000 systems and over 3,000 nodes running.

            Industry Applications

            • Telecom: Multimedia information service, integrated management, wiring, numbering, charging, and business acceptance;
            • Electric power: Distribution network integrated management;
            • Governments: Office automation, VOD;
            • Hospital: Hospital management information system (HIS);
            • Design department: CAD, factory design, electric power & telecom design;
            • Real estate: Transaction system, presentation system, intellectual property rights & ownership MIS;
            • Futures market: Transaction system;
            • Design institutes and archives: Archive management, drawing process, and project design;
            • Shipbuilding, nuclear industry, chemical fiber industry, machinery industry, metallurgical industry, automobile manufacturing and transportations amongst others: Engineering drawings management and redesign;
            • Medium- and small-sized enterprises and organizations: Internal network, MRPII, and ERP;
            • TV & Broadcast: Multimedia information service system;
            • Education: VOD and multimedia teaching system.
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