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            Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

            Enterprise Asset Management - Ensure safe operation, protect ecological environment, improve efficiency, and minimize maintenance cost

            The EAM system is designed to help enterprises manage and make full use of their tangible assets, such as production equipment, plant facilities, vehicles, and instruments & apparatuses, through a computer system.

            The system can ensure safe operation, be protected from the ecological environment, improve efficiency, and minimize maintenance costs. It is ideal for those asset-intensive enterprises that have a large quantity of valuable equipment and require the equipment in good conditions, such as telecom carriers, electric power plants, automobile manufacturers, airports, airlines, railways, chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, petroleum refineries, coal mines, paper mills and electronic & electrical manufacturers among many others.

            Electric Power Industry: Asset Lifecycle Management

            Grid asset lifecycle management is concerned with the integration of security management, performance management, lifecycle cost management and asset management for grid companies.

            With the help of an integrated information management platform and based on asset management and equipment availability, Neusoft grid asset lifecycle application system covers the whole process of grid asset and equipment management from planning, designing, style selection, construction monitoring, installation, debugging, acceptance, operation, maintenance, evaluation and modification to replacement. It is designed to ensure security and performance and to realize the optimum combination of reliability and economy during the whole asset lifecycle. This is done through information management to maximize the value of grid assets to grid companies in accordance with the development strategy of these companies.

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