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            NetEye Security Operations Center (SOC)

            Neusoft NetEye Security Operations Center - Designed to help users realize a smooth transfer from discrete security products to an integrated information guarantee system

            Product Overview

            NetEye Security Operations Center (SOC) is designed to help users realize a smooth transfer from discrete security products to an integrated information guarantee system. In addition to the most advanced technologies, it also involves a degree of manual work and operating procedures to value the three core elements inclusive of human, technology and operation.

            NetEye SOC not only helps users improve their technological capacity, but also assists them in improving their security management systems more efficiently.

            NetEye Security Operations Center (SOC) is able to solve the problems of huge amounts of data, and simplify the data model of security management as a whole. Security information from all network equipment will be stored to a universal database and analyzed according to customized security policies. All the information stored is related to assets so as to accomplish risk analysis, risk monitoring, and risk settlement. NetEye SOC, is a powerful tool in the operations of security maintenance professionals, and will constantly analyze the security risks of the system and put forward effective solutions in an efficient, flexible way.

            Technological Advantages

            • Overall collection of security events: The support of multi-protocol formats and a customized collection tool allows us to collect security events from many types of equipment whose data is the basis of the entire platform.
            • Scientific assets and risks management: The system is able to define and quantify assets and risks according to international and domestic information security standards, providing the basis for an accurate display of risks and the effective performance of risk evaluation and management.
            • Intelligent data analysis and mining technology: Intelligent data analysis enables accurate relevancy to loss evaluation; while data mining ensures the optimization of storage space and swift statistical inquiry.
            • Security events response system based on professional workflow: The system enables real-time monitoring of the current status, active procedures and final results of every security event in tracking the event response.
            • Professional report output: A wide range of report output options are provided in strict accordance with international rules such as SOX, HIPAA, GLBA and FISMA, offering a data basis for rich, intuitive report display. The expandable abnormal traffic inspection module helps security administrators to protect against aggressive actions like worms, virus, spam email and Trojans effectively.

            System Architecture

            In general, NetEye SOC is composed of four layers inclusive of data collection, data processing, application service, and display platform.

            Data collection: Security information can be collected from different data sources including network devices, security equipment and host systems according to specific requirements.

            Data processing: This function is designed to carry out analysis of the collected security information, perform standardized formatting, and to store it into the database after data combination and compression according to the individual policies.

            Application service: This layer collects information from the database to carry out a data filtering and condition analysis according to the established policies, providing data support for the display platform; moreover, it also serves as an interface for resource configuration of the display platform.

            Display platform: This layer helps realize all functions of security monitoring, maintenance, management and display through a uniform graphic management interface of the entire system. NetEye Security Operations Center has realized all the functions of security monitoring, maintenance, management and display by the uniform graphically managed interface.

            SOC System Architecture

            Typical Deployment

            NetEye SOC integrates a display platform, data collecting engine, application server and a database server,
            together with the original data source equipment, forming a complete secure maintenance solution.

            Know more about Neusoft NetEye, please visit: http://neteye.neusoft.com/en

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