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            NetPatrol:Network Application Monitoring and Management System

            NetPatrol - Steady,Secure,Easy-to-use,Operatable 

            Neusoft NetPatrol is a standard  - compliant network application monitoring system for various industries that keeps pace with the giant leaps in China's information gathering and build  - up and its practical needs. It is based on our rich experience in IT business system operation management for telecom carriers.

            This system has a full range of IT operations & maintenance monitoring functionalities covering all layers of system components such as servers, databases, middleware, network equipment, service systems, business systems, storage devices, etc.

            System Features

            • IT runtime environment panoramic topology management
            • Graphic real  - time performance tracking
            • Real  - time alert management and rich alert forwarding options
            • Simple and flexible configuration management


            • Telecom operators
              • China Unicom
              • China Mobile
              • China Telecom
              • China Tietong
            • TV & Broadcasting
            • Others

            Case List

            • NetPatrol Network Application Monitoring & Management System
            • IP Network Management System for China Unicom/China Tietong
            • Telecom Business Application Monitoring & Management System
            • Comprehensive Alarming Platform
            • Comprehensive Asset & Resource Management System
            • Provincial Voice Network Management System
            • Intelligent Monitoring & Control System
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