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            UniEAP?: Unified Enterprise Application Practices

            UniEAP TM - Development frameworks, Common Components & Methodologies designed for faster fabrication of Application Software

            Neusoft UniEAP™: A Bottom-layer Platform Catering to Enterprise-wide Application Development & Deployment

            Variety on Demand

            UniEAP™ can decrease the influence to product development to the minimum when the demand of users changes, and then to reach the target that to realize the user demand by simple configuration.

            Green Development

            With a powerful shielding design against technical complexity and differences, UniEAP™ is able to ensure stability of all interfaces. This helps improve the transparency of the platform related to all business applications. Any such application can be instantly optimized by the latest technical upgrade of the entire system, without impairing any of its originally intended functionalities.


            Comprised of development frameworks, common components and methodologies, UniEAP™ offers a total solution allowing for fast fabrication of application software and robust support for business development by building up a multi-level, well-structured basic architecture, various components and development tools.

            The goal of this solution is to help the design and development team of the application system by creating application software quickly with component reuse and assembly. It helps minimize the influence of product development caused by users' demand changes, allowing business experts to perform easy and simple configurations to meet the changing demands.

            Currently targeting the Chinese market, UniEAP™ aims to provide China's enterprises, governmental departments, and third-party solution developers with powerful business platforms and total software development solutions.

            Innovative Development Process

            Conventional development processes always involve high technological thresholds, bewildering most non-technical employees. To help those non-technical employees better understand development tasks, UniEAP™, based on Enterprise Model Automation (EMA) and Software Product Line (SPL), provides a brand-new development model by building "Business Languages" and "Characteristics Modeling". This does not mean to involve non-technical employees into direct application development tasks, but helps eliminate their technical blind spots, enabling them to better understand and contribute more to the process.

            Technological Irrelevance

            UniEAP™ shields most technological details of OS and fundamental software platforms, enabling developers to focus on business logic rather than technology when developing complex application software systems.

            Product Family

            UniEAP™ has been widely used in a wealth of industries, including electric power, telecom, social security, education, manufacturing, transportation, taxation, finance, mobile Internet and digital healthcare over the past 10 years plus. In addition, it has greatly contributed to our overall competitiveness in offering solutions.

            UniEAP Product Family

            UniEAP™ employs our latest technological architecture with a wide range of mature and reliable components, including the following two categories:

            • General technological components: Help to improve efficiency and reduce difficulty in the development of applications; and
            • Business service components: Mainly include organization management, security management, business process management, report analysis/display, electronic forms, and data transmission/exchange.

            UniEAP™ also encapsulates and optimizes these products used for specific business settings, delivering independent component products catering to special demands.

            • UniEAP™ Platform: Used for rapid development of business systems;
            • UniEAP™ Workflow: Process management;
            • UniEAP™ Report: Statistics and data analysis;
            • UniEAP™ Form: Rapid development of electronic forms;
            • UniEAP™ DataExchange: Data exchange;
            • UniEAP™ BPEL: Integration of business processes; and
            • UniEAP™ Rule: Unified rule management, and the reuse of enterprises assets.

            Currently, the latest version of UniEAP™, V4.2, has been launched.

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