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            Neusoft Ranks Top in China Healthcare IT Solutions Market for Ten Consecutive Years

            Recently, International Data Corporation (IDC) has released the China Market Shares of Core Hospital Management Systems 2019: Upgrading Core Systems to Support Healthcare Digital Transformation. According to this report, Neusoft took the first place in China core hospital management systems solutions market in 2019 and topped the ranking of China healthcare IT solutions market for the tenth consecutive year, continuing leading the healthcare informatization construction in China.

            In the healthcare informatization sector, Neusoft is a leading provider of intelligent healthcare integrated solutions in China. With the largest client base in the industry in China as well as the best practices in various sub-sectors, Neusoft is striving to facilitate the rapid development of healthcare informatization and promoting China’s healthcare system reform. Neusoft is also the first large provider to have launched core hospital management systems, with leading market shares as well as advanced concepts and products.

            With over two decades’ devotion to the healthcare sector, Neusoft consistently commits itself to utilizing information technologies to promote the harmonious development of the healthcare ecosystem. Nowadays, Neusoft’s healthcare business has covered hospital informatization, health insurances, medical equipment, cloud hospitals, medical big data and intelligence, health and medical education, medical IoT and 5G, etc., and Neusoft has built a sustainable IT-centric ecosystem.

            In the future, Neusoft will continue to empower the healthcare industry through software. Neusoft will keep promoting the integration of information technology and the healthcare, make the new technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data, internet of things become new medical elements, and build a sustainable healthcare ecosystem for creating more value for the society, industry and clients.


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