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            Neusoft Reach Listed in KPMG China Leading AutoTech 50 Report

            For the 3rd year since 2018, KPMG (China) recently released KPMG China Leading AutoTech 50 report, where Neusoft Reach Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. ("Neusoft Reach") was listed for its innovative performances in automotive electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity and car sharing.

            This year’s Autotech 50, based on industry survey conducted over the past year, continues to focus on technology companies in four major areas: intelligent connectivity, after-sales market, mobility and vehicle manufacturing. The survey is based on six core criteria, namely technology and business model innovation, financial strength, disruption to traditional automotive industry, market acceptance, valuation and capital market recognition, and team capabilities.

            Neusoft Reach was a joint venture established in 2015 by Neusoft Corporation (SSE: 600718), one of the leading software companies in China, and Alpine Electronics (China) co. Ltd. With basic automotive software as its core competitiveness, Neusoft Reach is engaged in the fields of EV power systems, ADAS, vehicle service platform, mobility services, NeuSAR basic software and SOTA by integrating emerging technologies such as AI and big data. Adhering to the goal of “empowering vehicles by software”, the company is building a new automotive ecological platform, and providing intelligent products, technologies, services and overall solutions for next-generation vehicles.

            In 2019, Neusoft Reach released NeuSAR 2.0, an operating system software platform for mass production AUTOSAR architecture based autonomous vehicles. It was an important milestone for the company and the Chinese automotive industry for software defined next generation smart vehicle. Meanwhile it continues to advance in the fields of EV BMS and battery system design and production, EV big data and so on, and its first PACK went into mass production. In addition, driven by 5G technology, the company also makes good progress on its connectivity and cloud platform product release, recognized by its customers.

            Neusoft Reach will continue leveraging its core competence in software innovations in technologies, products and business models, supporting industry digital transformation, and bringing better mobility user experience.

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