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            Neusoft Medical Systems leverages AI remote diagnosis platform with Kenya hospitals to beat the COVID-19

            On March 22nd, Kenyatta National Hospital, together with its strategic partner Neusoft Medical Systems and Megascope Healthcare (K) Ltd (Nairobi, Kenya) makes its official launch of the CT Imaging Center, Kenya National Imaging Cloud Center and Clinical Training Center. At the same time, Neusoft Medical Systems and Megascope unveils the clinical cooperation program of Artificial Intelligence Software with Kenyatta National Hospital, making the millstone in the enhancement of a ‘Health Silk Road’ defined by a sharing of advanced medical experiences.

            Hon. Mutahi Kagwe,Cabinet Secretary of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kenya,is cutting ribbon for the launching ceremony of CT scan center

            After the launching ceremony, Neusoft Medical Systems conducts a remote international diagnostic meeting with radiologists from Kenya, France,United Arab Emirates and China, using medical imaging cloud of Neusoft Medical Systems. This meeting aims to share the successful experience in fighting against the epidemic in China and empower the hospitals in Kenya to provide effective diagnosis to local patients.

            Remote international diagnostic meeting

            Radiologists from Wuhan who have supported the fight against the coronavirus, shared all their knowledge and successful experiences with doctors of Kenyatta National Hospital and Moi Teaching& Referral Hospital.

            “I am happy to see that we make this connection possible. This connection surely helps us move forward to share experience with global radiologists and reduce the impact of coronavirus in Kenya,” said Hon. Mutahi Kagwe, Cabinet Secretary of Ministry of Health, The Republic of Kenya,” By sharing experience of technology, medicine and treatment, we will win this fight against the epidemic. Together with the world, I hope to bring new operations in the medical field and move forward to another level of cooperation to benefit all mankind.”

            Neusoft Medical has delivered 300 units of cutting-edge medical imaging systems during the last two months to healthcare providers around the world enabling them to join the battle against the global COVID-19 outbreak.

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