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            Neusoft Medical Systems provides innovative medical solution and service to beat the COVID-19

            It has been two months since the outbreak of COVID-19, as one of the main medical imaging solution provider in the world, Neusoft Medical Systems has never stopped providing creative and innovative medical solution and service to beat the coronavirus. The staff of Neusoft Medical Systems, from various functions including R&D, production, logistics, services, training, have been working hard day and night to support the frontline hospitals and doctors.

            To help frontline hospitals accelerate the diagnosis process, on January 29th, Neusoft Medical Systems donated a NeuViz 128 CT scanner and a NeuViz Prime CT scanner, both with AI medical imaging cloud platform and remote advanced post-processing software, to the Leishenshan Hospital and Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, China, with the total donation value reaching 3.86 million USD.

            NeuViz 128 CT installation in Leishenshan Hospital, Wuhan, China

             At the same time, to provide more efficient and accurate CT diagnosis and meanwhile reduce cross-infection, Neusoft Medical Systems developed NeuThor Container CT in just seven days. Once onsite, it is immediately ready to scan as soon as plugged in. With two separate entrances for technicians and patients, NeuThor Container CT reduces the risk of cross-infection. Configured with ultraviolet sterilamps, which can effectively destroy the DNA and RNA of viruses, it achieves disinfection between patient procedures. With 5G real-time connectivity, doctors can obtain image information for efficient and remote diagnosis.

            NeuThor Container CT 

            Neusoft Medical Systems also introduced its AI imaging examination system, HuoYan AI,which can automatically tag suspicious lesion area in CT images and conduct quantitative processing to greatly improve diagnosis efficiency and accuracy. The cloud-based version of HuoYan AI is deployed on Neusoft Medical imaging cloud platform-NeuMiva, has helped 53 hospitals with automated screening of hundreds of cases.

            HuoYan AI

            So far, Neusoft Medical Systems has delivered more than 150 medical equipment to hospitals in China since the outbreak of COVID-19. Neusoft Medical will continue to provide innovative imaging solutions for the frontline hospitals, doctors and patients to fight against the epidemic.

            Currently, HuoYan AI is for clinical research cooperation only. 

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