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            Join Neusoft - A dream stage for gifted talents with definite career goals

            Neusoft provides a dream stage for gifted talents with definite career goals. By continuously maintaining great importance to the development of each employee, we have developed a diversified corporate culture that encourages each and every employee to improve and grow with the company. We respect talents, and have always managed to help talents strive to be better. This is our employee philosophy at Neusoft.

            We are, sincerely, looking forward to having you join us! We will truly make this happen by providing competitive compensation packages, exposure to modern, highly effective work practices and various training programs.

            Learn more about Neusoft life

            Aon Hewitt Best Employers in PAPC2011 Neusoft Becomes the First PCMM Level 5 Certified Chinese Company 2010 Global Services 100 The Top IT Outsourcing Vendors 2011 Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises(MAKE) Study Nominee
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