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          2. The magic of software
          3. The magic of software
          4. The magic of software
          5. The magic of software
          6. The magic of software
          7. The magic of software
          8. There is no boundary for imagination.
            With big data, IoT, and AI technologies,
            software contributes to a more human-centric world,
            and brings more magic to your life.

            The magic of software is beyond technology. As an empowering tool, software can integrate with many industries, shape new application scenarios, create new business models, and build new platforms and ecosystems. Today, we are more agile, innovative and customer-centric, and use software to help individuals, businesses, and many industries respond and adapt to the hyper-connected era, to create better life and promote social development through value creation.

            We are a company from a university, and innovation is in our DNA. From the very first day of our business journey, software has been the root of our growth. Today, in the fields of smart city, healthcare, intelligent vehicles connectivity, and software product and service, we help our customers embrace this dynamic hyper-connected world. At the same time, based on the core advantages of software, Neusoft has also built ecosystems in smart city, healthcare, and automotive sector, incubated innovative companies, to achieve extension in new fields and inject new growth momentum.

            In the past, we provided products and solutions for our customers, and today, we enable customers with new business models, platforms and ecosystems. We used to create value for customers by software technologies, today and in the future, we are committed to transform people’s lives and the world by innovations beyond technology.

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